We have not talked about making wooden planes in a while, and hardly ever mention our seven plans, which are inexpensive and easy to use. 

Mark Pope sent photos of his recently made wooden handplane, made from leftover European Oak he’d used for a new shop bench. You will see below how personal the scale and rounding are, a handy, self-made higher-angle alternate to Mark’s lower-angle Veritas block plane.

Don’t know if I’ve told you, but my wife Linda tells me that I stepped backward, into the 19th century when I took on making tools for woodworkers. Perhaps she’s right, I keep one foot in the long-ago. Many of our blades replace 100-year, and sometimes older, plane blades. 

I admire it when useful antique tools defy obsolescence. Truth is, that these tools keep going. Replacing blades in tools lasting lifetimes is not only common sense but also forward-looking and futuristic.

I hope you enjoy the two stories below about 100 year old-plus Stanley-Bailey bench planes. Beautiful!

Of course, if there is anything you need from Hock Tools, please let me know.