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What is DEAM?

Disability Employment Awareness Month is part of a national initiative highlighting career paths and industries to students and job seekers with disabilities; providing tools and resources to businesses to support their efforts in employing people with disabilities; and lastly, creating awareness of and advocating for an underutilized talent pool.
As a key leader in disability employment, The Able Trust’s DEAM program is designed to connect and support Florida’s businesses, local disability service agencies and people with disabilities. The variety of experiences curated by The Able Trust supports a path towards Florida being a role model of disability employment.

Over the past 13 years, The Able Trust has seen the value that job shadowing and other career experiences adds to career development for students and job seekers with disabilities in Florida.

Goals of DEAM
  • Provide people with disabilities the opportunity to explore a career interest and learn from a current practitioner what a day in their life is like.
  • Provide businesses and organizations the opportunity to interact with people with disabilities from an employer/employee viewpoint in a time controlled setting.
  • Introduce businesses and organizations to the capabilities of an under-utilized labor market.
  • Introduce businesses and organizations to the concept of hiring a person with a disability for an internship or full-time or part-time employment.

Individuals interested in participating or supporting DEAM can contact The Able Trust at [email protected]. Businesses who are interested in hosting job shadowers, internships, acting as mentors, or considering sponsorship opportunities can also contact Donna Wright at [email protected] or call The Able Trust: (850) 224-4493 x225.

Also visit The Able Network - our B2B/peer-to-peer program for business leaders committed to diversity and inclusion to learn more ways to get involved with 2021 DEAM.