Newsletter Issue: Vol 8 Issue 8
August 2019
August Quote
"Money is only a tool. It will take you
wherever you wish, but it will not
replace you as the driver. " ~ Ayn Rand
Looking Back in Time  
I just got back from a trip to the Czech Republic. Prague, the capital, is a beautiful city and a big tourist attraction. I was last there 29 years ago, just a year after the people of the country threw off one-party communist rule and became democratic for the first time since World War II. What a change.
Kristin Rodriguez
1040 form
IRS Drafts New 'Postcard Size' Tax Return
That postcard-sized tax return is about to get a little longer.
The IRS is revamping 1040 forms for the 2019 tax year. CNBC takes a look at the changes.

Do You Qualify for a Payout from Equifax Data Breach?

See if you qualify for a payout related to the Equifax data breach. This is the official website:

Monthly Economic Update
July was a positive month for stocks. While the major equity indices advanced less in July than they did in June, the gains were still solid. This is a good time to remember a frequently heard assertion – time in the market often proves more important than timing the market.
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