supporting youth mental health
We are Families and Youth of Idaho
Happy September, and may the temps feel more like September soon!! 

This fall we are fully embracing our new name, Families and Youth of Idaho! You have been seeing our new logo for over a year now. I will remind you that the Idaho Federation of Families still exists as the parent organization of FYIdaho, but our family and youth services are all run under FYIdaho, which is a registered entity of the Idaho Federation of Families. Communications regarding our family and youth work will be coming from exclusively moving forward. We will continue to run Youth MOVE Idaho (a Chapter of Youth MOVE National) under FYIdaho, and we remain the Idaho Chapter of the National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health. 

What motivated this name change was twofold:
1. The initials "IFF" are also associated with another Idaho organization and we feel it is very important to differentiate ourselves. There are other FYI organizations nationally and within Idaho, but none that we are concerned about being confused with, especially since we are the only FYIdaho.
2. Families and Youth of Idaho speaks to the evolution of our organization.  Our future will continue to focus on supporting families and youth experiencing mental illness, and we are evolving to be a “home”, voice and support for the family and youth peer support workforce in Idaho. The mental health peer workforce provides evidence-based support to both families and youth. They are an important provider in any mental health system, and they become critically important where there is a clinician shortage and where families and youth are experiencing gaps in services.

We look forward to sharing more about our peer support work in the coming weeks and months. 
supporting youth mental health
Ruth York
Executive Director
Join us in September
FYI Coffee Chat
Topic: Parent involvement in the CANS

3rd Wed of the month
Sept 21st at noon (MST)

FYI Parent Support for
the Complexities of
Residential Treatment
2nd and 4th Tues of the month
Sept 13th at noon (MST)
Sept 27th at noon (MST)

So many parents have identified this need that we are moving this to twice a month group! Please take the time to register for both days

This group will support parents who have a youth transitioning to residential care OR home.
All parents welcome who need support about residential care.
FYI Parent Support for Youth with Complex Diagnoses
1st Tuesday of the month
Sept 6th at noon (MST)

This group will support parents who have a youth who has both mental health diagnosis and a developmentally disability.
FYIdaho Family Support Line
Whether you are experiencing barriers to finding your child mental health services or don't know what the next step is in your child's mental health journey, we will help you along the way.

Contact us today.
We are here to help.

208-433-8845 x1
FYIdaho Teen Programs
Youth MOVE
Groups for high schoolers and young adults to provide peer emotional support to one another and practice mental health advocacy. Together we access mental wellness resources and participate in activities that destigmatize mental health challenges.
The Boise Brick House(BBH)

a teen-driven after-school drop-in center for relaxation with friends, homework, free food, fun activities, and empowering conversations about mental wellness.
Join us at the
Federation of Families National Conference
The only national conference dedicated solely to supporting families whose children - of any age - experience mental health and/or substance use challenges during their lifetime.