Do you need us to prepare your 1099 filings?
The IRS and State tax agencies continue to enhance enforcement efforts regarding annual 1099 information return filing by way of correspondence audits and severe penalties for failure to properly file all required forms. It is important to note that the deadline for filing these forms with BOTH the recipients and the tax agencies occurs very quickly after year-end. The deadline for filing 2018 1099-Misc, the most commonly filed form, is January 31, 2019.

Our office has adopted a new electronic filing process for all 1099s we prepare.

If you require us to prepare your 1099 filings for 2018, you must notify us by emailing us at as soon as possible. If we do not hear from you by January 11, 2019, we will assume you are preparing the 1099s yourself.

Click here to complete the excel template form which will provide us with all the information required to prepare your 1099 Forms.

  • In order to minimize address and SSN errors, this form must be completed in full even if we have prepared your 1099s in the past; this information can then be retained for future years

  • If you want your recipients to receive their copy electronically, you must include their email on the template. Otherwise, all recipient copies will be sent to you for mailing and/or distribution

Please use this secure link (accept terms-click submit, enter email, first name, last name-click continue, choose recipient-click 1099,Forms) to electronically return your completed Excel file to us.  You can also access this link on our website at

When the forms are completed, we will email you an e-File authorization form and a copy of the 1099s for your final review.

You must return the signed e-File authorization to us by the deadline(s) indicated on the authorization form to ensure timely filing

Once we receive your signed e-File authorization, we will release your electronic filing to the tax agencies and send you the recipient copies (if e-mailing is not selected) for mailing and/or distribution.
If you have any questions regarding this new 1099 process please contact
Norma Ribeiro-Simoes or Ellen Marvin at 973-994-9494 or by email at or