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July 11, 18, 25 & Aug. 1: 10th Anniversary of the Crotona Park Jams!

July 11, 18, 25 & Aug. 1: 10th Anniv. of the Crotona Park Jams, Bronx NYC
Flyer design by HAKS-180. Photo by Joe Conzo!   


 It's not too late to sponsor! We are jamming for 3 more months! Please contact Christie Z-Pabon at toolsofwar at about sponsoring and/ or vending. Very Affordable!!


Please Put $10 On It for Our 10th Anniversary of True School NYC Park Jams! 
Peace all! We have never asked for donations for our free jams but this year, since we are trying to expand into September, we find that we could use some help with the extra costs of sound, port-a-johns, overtime for park managers, security, event insurance, etc.  We are very grateful to our DJ equipment sponsors who give us cool tools to give to DJs who spin for us (what you though we ask them to  spin for free? ) Sadly, the other entities we work with do not accept needles, mixers and headphones as payment! Please consider donating $10 (or change the quantity to donate more!) We appreciate everyone's support whether it's donating, spreading the word, helping at the jam, etc! Thank you for all of your support over the years! 
June 6 Park Jam Media
DJ Bobbito, DJ Ted Smooth, DJ SOE, DJ Handsome Paddy +  Host Jazzy Jay  
Photos by Francisco Reyes:
Photos: Pete Pabon:
June 20 Park Jam Media 
June 20 Spanish Harlem Hop!!DJ Bobby Morales, Fabel, Tony Touch & Haywire +  Host GrandMaster Caz
Photos Joe Conzo:
Photos by Francisco Reyes:
Photos by Ming Han:
Video Clip by Francisco Reyes!
June 27 Park Jam Media Breakbeat Lou, Forrest Getemgump, JS-1 & Looie Loo +  Host GrandMaster Caz
Video Clip by Francisco Reyes!
Photos Joe Conzo:
Photos by Francisco Reyes:
Photos by Ming Han:
Photos by Arnaldo Cepeda: DJ Fly T 
Photos by Ignacio Soltero:
And another Extra Video Clip of the bboys by Francisco Reyes! 
Rane presents
2013 Tools of War True School NYC Summer Park Jams 
It's our 10th Anniversary of Jamming in NYC Parks! 
10th Anniv. of the Crotona Park Jams: July 11, 18, 25 + Aug. 1

Crotona Park at Charlotte St. & Crotona Park East Bronx  

Free! All Ages. 4pm - 8pm. ONLY DJ Pioneers + Legends on the Decks @ Crotona Park. Take the 2 or 5 train to 174th. Walk across Boston Rd. Make a left. Walk to Charlotte St. Go right. or try  


July 11: DJs Jazzy Joyce, DJ Jazzy Jay, DJ Cash Money & DJ Marley Marl

July 18: GrandWizzard Theodore, Rockin Rob/Chuck City, Fabel & Dr.Duss

July 25: Kool DJ Red Alert, DJ Biz Markie, GrandMaster Caz, GW Rasheen

Aug. 1:  DJs Cheese, Johnny Juice, Lord Finesse & more tba! 

Forever Host: GrandMaster Caz + Invincible Sound by Superman Like us on Facebook


No Filming. No Alcohol. No Drugs. No Drama! No One On Stage but the DJ!
Please kindly stay in the audience and don't go behind the ropes. No coolers. No Vending without permission. DJs spinning do not give you the right to film or record them. Still photography is always welcome. Never drive your car into the park. Please do not litter. Line ups subject to change.  In the event of rain, use your best judgement. We rarely cancel but check Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook for updates. 

2013 Tools of War Park Jams Flyer - 1st edit.

Tools of War True School Park Jam Flyer 1st edit.  

2013 Digger's Delight: Tuesdays, August 6, 13, 20 & 27 
St. Nicholas Park 135th St. & St. Nicholas Ave Harlem NYC
Free! All Ages. 4pm - 8pm. DJs bring out their funkiest but rarest tracks from back in the days that no one ever heard! @ St. Nicholas Park. Take B or C train to 135th or try


August 6: DJs Miss Shing-A-Ling, Lord Finesse, Large Pro & Boogie Blind
August 13: DJs Rockin Rob, Chuck City, Natasha Diggs & Irv
August 20: DJs Supreme La Rock, Breakbeat Lou, Danny Dan & Chairman Mao

August 27: DJs Jazzy Jay, Forrest Getemgump, Fabel & Looie Loo

Forever Host: GrandMaster Caz + Invincible Sound by Superman Like us on Facebook



Tools of War True School Park Jams: Thurs. Sept. 5, 12, 19 & 27


September 5 & 12: The Concrete Plant Park - Bronx NYC

4 to 8pm. Free! All Ages! Concrete Plant Park on the Bronx River betw. Westchester Ave + Bruckner Exspy, Bronx NY 10472. 6 to Whitlock or for best directions. Line ups tba.

Forever Host: GrandMaster Caz + Invincible Sound by Superman   


September 19 & 26: East River Park Amphitheater - LES NYC 
3 to 7pm. Free! All Ages! @ East River Park Amphitheather on the East River Promenade betw. the Williamsburg Bridge & East Houston near the FDR Drive NYC 10002. Take the F or V train to 2nd or L train to 1st or check for best directions. Line ups tba.

Forever Host: GrandMaster Caz + Invincible Sound by Superman  



Special thanks to Empire Guides for featuring the 2013 Tools of War Park True School Summer Jams  in their New York City and Beyond listings! read more
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 It's not too late to sponsor! We are jamming all Summer long! Please contact Christie Z-Pabon at about sponsoring or vending. Very Affordable!! 


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It's Tools of War grassroots Hip Hop's 10th Anniversary of True School NYC Park Jams! 

Something magical is happening in the NYC Parks this summer. 


From June through September, the sun is warm, the flowers are in bloom, trees and grass are finally green and people gather each week in the NYC parks to hear music. We respect the many organizations who host concerts in the parks, each bringing a special flavor or specializing in a certain genre of music: Folk, Salsa, Jazz, R&B, World, etc. Tools of War grassroots Hip Hop specializes, naturally, in Hip Hop, but not just any Hip Hop, THE CULTURE OF HIP HOP.


We specialize in DJs spinning Breaks, Funk, Rock, Soul, Salsa and anything very rare and very funky. Some weeks you won't hear any Rap at all but if you do, it will usually be from the 70s or 80s, from the DJ who produced it or the MC who rhymed it. 


The jams are miraculous. The jams are organic. The jams are overwhelming. The jams are beautiful. The jams are simplicity. The jams build community. The jams are a celebration of the best that Hip Hop culture has to offer.


Tools of War grassroots Hip Hop is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary of throwing jams in NYC parks. For 10 years we have seen Hip Hop's greatest DJ pioneers and legends rock our stages. 


At a time when people need community more than ever, our jams bring them together. Some live next door to the park. Some travel from other countries. Some have just immigrated to the US who find us in their local park and their children are fascinated by the bboys and bgirls and other dancers.  Some of our favorite attendees are the Yemini and Mexican children who come to Spanish Harlem Hop because they live near the park. 


Most come to the park just to witness a real live park jam presided over by the very originators of the culture. They are the authenticity factor and make our jams like no other.  The fact that there are more Hip Hop legends and pioneers from every element, just in the audience alone, is the unspoken seal of approval - like celebrities on their off day, where they go when they aren't performing to admire the mastery of the other performers.


The jams are miraculous in the fact that they are even happening. After the lawlessness in NYC several decades ago, the jams just stopped on the grassroots level. The fact that we have mostly convinced the gatekeepers: skeptical park managers and overworked NYPD to allow us the proper permits to jam, is a miracle in itself.


The jams are organic. The sound is set up. The dancers usually arrive first. The DJs put the needle to the record and it seems within minutes, the park is peopled with partiers! Even people who do not identify as Hip Hoppers love our jams because we focus on the music that made Hip Hop what it is, the blackest part of the record, the hardest part of the song, the Break!  Yes, you will hear the most beloved classic Breaks at our jams, but we truly favor the ones that no one can identify. The ones that only the record collectors - the diggers - possess.


At our jams, a DJ is revered for what he or she is packing in the crates and how he/she rocks it. 


Our jams focus on very specific categories of DJs: Hip Hop DJ pioneers and legends, Diggers/record collectors, B-Boy/B-Girl/Dance DJs and DJ Battle champions. 


Outside of our host, Hip Hop pioneer, GrandMaster Caz, it is a rare treat for the  audience to see a legendary MC perform at our jams. We are always honored that the MC legends want to contribute but we have created a sacred space for the DJ that must be respected. At our jams, the DJs are the show. 


We are especially protective of the audience. We encourage everyone to attend but that entails specific assignments for the DJs to play music that uplifts and does not offend. We suspect  that this might be the key to our longevity in the parks system - a respect for our audience, who we believe would rather not be disrespected in any way by the music being presented by the DJ.


Our jams have been covered by the New York Times... twice earned Crotona Park the best park to jam award in  The Village Voice. We have four page spreads in European printed magazines. We have at least 3 professional photographers shooting at any one of our jams, including the legendary Joe Conzo. Quite possibly the most favorite media is presented by Noisemaker Media - click here View our videos on YouTube to see breathtaking video clips from our jams! 


We invite you to be part of one of the most celebrated Hip Hop experiences, in the last ten years!

Tools of War co-founders
Christie Z-Pabon: Tools of War / DMC USA
Jorge Fabel Pabon: Tools of War / Rock Steady Crew




1. NO Alcohol or Drugs allowed 


2. NO Video Filming Allowed 

The artists performing have the right to film their OWN set and post it online if they want to share it - it is not for others to decide this for them or collect content. 


3. Do NOT Attempt to go on or back Stage or Behind the Ropes. Maybe you do it at other shows but we want to encourage professionalism here. Everyone is very special to us but staff & DJs need room and a peaceful place to create the magic that led you to join us!


4. NO Vending - Park Rules are Strict!

5. NO Coolers 
6. Please Throw Away Your Garbage 

Tools of War
grassroots Hip Hop


Co-founded by Jorge "Fabel" Pabon and Christie Z-Pabon, Tools of War was named with the idea that there are many "tools" one can use in competing or battling within Hip Hop culture: paint, turntables, microphones, one's body, and especially one's voice. Although the name may appear aggressive, the intent behind it's use is actually to inform and educate people regarding not only Hip Hop but many other social and political issues. As we grow, we are finding that it has also become a forum for voicing opinions and sharing ideas which might help in unifying and uplifting people all over the world.

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