News from the Re-Entry Task Force November 1, 2020

We’ve enjoyed a number of Shabbat in the Lot services with congregants in their cars or sitting outside their cars in the parking lot, with our Rabbis accompanied by Blake Lenett on guitar. 

And at the same time, members have been able to participate at home via Zoom. Thank you to everyone participating online and in person, and many thanks to our Security Team for organizing the parking. 

We get an extra hour to sleep this weekend with Daylight Savings Time ending, which also means it will get darker sooner and Shabbat starts earlier. Beginning November 6, instead of using Zoom for Kabbalat services, we will be using Livestream from the Sanctuary.  

Based on recent medical evidence which suggests that the risk of transmission from touching surfaces that were recently touched by someone is much lower than originally thought, we are beginning in-person services on Friday nights as well as on Shabbat.

We have reconfigured our seating plan to allow more space between attendees. This additional space makes it safer for people to attend and as a side benefit makes it safer to sing at services (quietly, please). Our “no singing rule” is changing to “quiet singing only.” 

Please look for registration information in the Week At A Glance email and on our website.

The Re-Entry Task Force