November 8, 2019
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Upcoming Events
Sunday, November 10, 1pm
Sunday Service: Connecting with the Ancestors, Rev. Karla Stone Brockie

Sunday, November 17
Event: Sunday Book Group, 10 am
Sunday Service: Let Us Be Moved, Rev. Samantha Wilson, 1 pm
Event: Special Congregational Meeting, 2:15 pm

Tuesday, November 26, 2 pm
Event: Bookaholics Unanimous
Spiritual Path
Classes and Workshops Coming in 2020
Starting in January 2020

Contribution requested per session: $5 members, $10 non-members
All classes are open to the public—invite your friends!
All classes meet in the Conference Room of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
For more information and to sign up, contact the facilitator. For complete class descriptions, Click HERE.

Enriching Our Lives with Birds
Jan 4, 9 am – 12 pm
Jan 14 & 18, 8 am – 10 am Field Trips
Facilitators: Ray Deeney & Jim Gessaman
For More Information, contact Jim at jim.gessaman@gmail.com

Explore African American Literature
Jan 11 & 24 Feb 8 & 22 10 am – 11: 30 am
Facilitator: Anne Leonard
For More Information, contact Anne at anne@alartworks.com

Exploring Taoism and the Taoist Healing Arts
Weekly Jan 13 – Feb 17 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Facilitators: Elizabeth Reed & Bill Casey
For More Information, contact Elizabeth at reedeliz@gmail.com

Good Grief! Dealing with the Inevitable
March 7, 10 am to noon; March 9, 1 pm to 3 pm
Facilitator: Michelle Vedus-Deeney, M.A., M.ED.

Brought to you by the new Adult Education and Exploration Committee . AEE aims to coordinate a variety of adult education opportunities—both religious and nonreligious—such as classes, workshops, special presentations, and performances. Events are sponsored by MVUU and offered to members, friends and the wider community. If you have a special interest, knowledge, or expertise to share, contact Chuck Tatum at ctatum@email.arizona.edu .
President's Message
The overall mission of the Board, that we developed in the October retreat is:

We steward the health of the whole by both practicing trust and by embodying confidence in our congregational ability to go forward together. We facilitate our community towards what is possible as we act with integrity, responsibility and wisdom for the valuable resources of our congregation and its mission in our lives, community and world.

Last newsletter we spoke of these goals: Open Meetings and Minutes; Collaboration with Minister; the New Building Process; Fiduciary Responsibility; Clarity About Congregational Priorities; Openness About Challenges and Staff Supervision.

Three more remain. They all are in the area of creating healthy communication throughout the congregation:

Speaking With One Voice:  Board members communicate with each other beyond the meetings. Board members may say to a congregant with concerns, "Let me get back to you on that, I need to speak with the other board members.” Board members refuse to speak badly about each other or undermine decisions we have made. Board will not speak for the PMT.

Addressing Conflict or Non-Covenantal Behavior:  Board members will share when we understand issues to be arising. The minister and board will be in direct communication, while respecting the confidentiality of people who meet with the minister. 

Avoiding Triangles:  The Board supports direct communication with the person with whom one has a disagreement.  

The next MVUU Board meeting will be at 5:30 p.m . on Thursday, Nov. 21 in the MVUU Office. Agenda Items are due one week in advance.
Project Management Team

On  October 27 , the PMT presented a slide show which detailed the features of the property and the plan to pay for it. Click HERE to review.

The Presentation answers basic questions about the Antigua de Mexico building and our financial position. If questions remain after going through the Presentation, please email them to  jane.paul@mvuu.org. Answers will be provided by team members.

The MVUU Board of Trustees will hold a Special Congregational Meeting on  Sunday, November 17  at 2:15 pm in the BSLC sanctuary. The purpose of the meeting is for the membership to vote to authorize the Board of Trustees to purchase the  Antigua de Mexico  property. If you cannot attend, send a written request for an Absentee Ballot to MVUU, P.O. Box 91080, Tucson, AZ 85752 or via email to  a dministrator@mvuu.org.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the possibilities this property provides as a new home for MVUU. We encourage the congregation to vote YES for this purchase .

Jane Paul , Project Management Team
Special Board Action - Religious Education Announcement

To make a donation for RE Gifts, please make checks to MVUU and note on the memo line RE Gifts . If you are giving online to MVUU, there is a place to indicate RE as recipient.  

The RE Committee has several expenses not covered in the budget, annual background checks for staff and volunteers, for one example. The RE Committee said they would also appreciate donations of packaged snacks.

We thank you for your consideration of these gifts!
Sunday Morning Book Group
Sunday, Nov 10, 10 am at The Fountains

Our current book is Blowout: Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia, and the Richest, Most Destructive Industry on Earth by Rachel Maddow. In this book “ Maddow takes us on a switchback journey around the globe, revealing the greed and incompetence of Big Oil and Gas along the way, and drawing a surprising conclusion about why the Russian government hacked the 2016 U.S. election.” We will be reading and discussing consecutive sections of Blowout through December 15 except for the Sunday after Thanksgiving, i.e. Dec 1, when we will NOT meet. For more information contact John Clark at  alvinjclark@aol.com .
Bookaholics Unanimous
 Tuesday, Nov 26, 2 pm

We are a group of enthusiastic readers who meet the  last Tuesday of the month at 2 pm . We select a variety of books based on what has intrigued members. The one who suggests the book generally leads the discussion of that book.  There is a change in schedule for November and December.  The November meeting will be on 26 at 2 pm . We will decide on our book selections for 2020 at that meeting. A list of suggestions will be provided ahead of time. In December we will discuss the final book for 2019,  Things Fall Apart  by Chimua Achebe. That meeting will be held on December 10 . We generally meet in members’ homes. If you are interested, new to the group and will need directions to the meeting, contact  Anne Leonard:  anne@alartworks.com   or (520) 307-8045 .
Pastoral Care

Life’s not always easy. Know that you are not alone.
Reach Out To Pastoral Care today.
Coffee Baristas - November Signup   
Contact Erin Chadwell  administrator@mvuu.org Training is available - just ask!
Justice Outreach
Social Justice Outreach 
Issues and Action Day

Nine members of MVUU, particularly interested in social justice action, spent a most productive day at the UUJAZ Issues and Action Day on October 26. They participated in workshops giving them deeper insights into various topics. The workshop for social justice leaders presented by Heather Vickery, Coordinator from the UU college of Social Justice, was very relevant for our social justice leaders . The Justice Coordinating Committee (JCC) is delving deeper into the new issues approach to MVUU’s social justice outreach based on her analysis. 

We will soon be confirming our new procedures and the recommended Sunday basket donations for 2020. (Note that there will not be a Justice Issues Assembly on December 8.) If you are interested in learning more or in joining a team, they are:
  • Environmental Concerns (focus on climate change)
  • Immigration
  • Gun Violence and Safety
  • Democracy (includes economic inequality, education, health care, racism and patriarchy)

Contact Anne Leonard at  anne@alartworks.com or (520) 307-8045.

Watch for news and calls for action from the teams in upcoming issues of the newsletter.
Faith Floods the Courtroom
November 20, 8 am

We're calling on people of faith and people of conscience from across the country to flood the court room at 405 W. Congress St. in Tucson, on  November 20 at 8 am . We will show up in support of UU Scott Warren, Human Rights activist with No More Deaths facing 10 years of jail for providing life saving aid to migrants in the desert.  RSVP  HERE.
Tax Credit Time to Benefit Flowing Wells School District

Time is drawing near to make your year-end contribution to Flowing Wells School District and get an Arizona tax credit of up to $400. Since 2008, MVUU has collected checks for the benefit of the Flowing Wells School District. This is a win-win situation. You get a credit for the amount you donate, up to $400, straight off your Arizona Income tax and the school gets money for extracurricular activities. For details see Bill Casey after Practice or contact him at bill.casey@mvuu.org.
Interfaith Community Services Food Bank
Look for the Interfaith Community Services Basket most every Sunday on your way into services and drop off your donation.

  • Pop-top cans of SpaghettiOs, chili and ravioli
  • Canned meat, tuna and soups (pop-top cans)
  • Instant mashed potatoes, rice, dry pasta
  • Spaghetti sauce in cans, canned fruits and vegetables

When you drop off food directly to the ICS Food Bank, please mention MVUU so we get credit. This ongoing activity supports our Justice Outreach focus. Contact Bill Casey at bill.casey@mvuu.org for questions.

November Woven Basket Partner:


The mission of UUJAZ is to engage Arizona Unitarian Universalists in justice making through strengthening congregational social justice ministries, connecting UU activists and congregations across the state, partnering with like-minded justice organizations, and empowering UUs to work for socially just public policy.

We support individual congregations to establish strong social justice programs grounded in our UU faith tradition, and help them expand circles of connection within the congregation, between the congregation and the local community, and among Unitarian Universalists across the state and nation. ​

Our Commitments:
  • Plan and implement an annual UU Day at the Legislature (DATL) at which we teach members how to advocate directly with legislators and other elected officials.
  • Inspire, support and share resources with local congregations in their social justice work.
  • Research and study issues.
  • Partner with other organizations.
  • Maintain communication with our legislators and other public policy makers.
  • Provide real time monitoring and updates through the Valley UU Legislative Alert.
  • Whenever possible develop and implement accountability measures for assessing effectiveness.

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