11.11 comes only once a year
11 11 2011
Happy 11.11!  There's a lot of good news to share in the world - some sort of wave of good is happening and it's almost hard to notice because it doesn't get the same kind of notice as the bad. But the KXL Pipeline has been stopped in its tracks. This article titled " Did Obama's Decision to Nix the Keystone XL Pipeline Help Save the World?" might give you some idea of the import of the decision. Then, there's Canada - electing a more progressive government - shifting to the left in a drastic big, important way just a few days ago - hurrah! In the US presidential election race we're seeing Bernie Sanders doing incredibly in the polls - a socialist and an incredible thinker - that's almost too good to believe, but it's really happening. Yes, most of what we see is what Republicans are doing in their race, but there's a strong likelihood that our next President will either be Jewish or Female! Then, there are wid-sweeping changes like gay marriage, the legalization of marijuana (Mexico, Canada, California all seem to be heading that way) - it's almost too good to be true. 

Then you got your climate change, population growth of 75 million new people on the planet every year, wildfires, hurricanes, and such. 

And, to keep sane among all of it - it makes sense to gather, to bring your friends and family close. And continue on. And celebrate - that we're alive, that we have each other, that we get to love, that there are babies, and sunsets, and good times, too. In that vein, I'm throwing a celebration tonight at the Hollywood Vintage Clothing Store @ 28th and Sandy - 5-11pm. Come if you can - even just to be around the warmth of others - but I bet you'll laugh some, too :)

I woke up this morning and this video by one of my favorite artists, Bruce Cockburn reminded me that it's Veteran's Day in the US. My Dad served in the army for a time. Luckily, he didn't have to fight. Hopefully, someday, noone will. 

Have a great 11.11 today. See if you can find a way through, a sign of some magic, a smile, some hope. That's part of what 11.11 means to me - it's a portal to something better - beyond - through the gates.  Take good care of yourself - and maybe I'll see you tonight. If not, write back and share a little of what's going on in your world. I'd love to hear it.  I post from time to time on my blog, too - so you can see a bit of what I'm thinking about there. Lately, it's been somewhat work related (how to use Facebook and email marketing), but I do share other thinking and ideas, too :)

Have a great day,



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