Just a quick note to say: Democracy! Tuesday's election is over and Dems won big. The country won big - and I'm hoping we'll continue moving forward in a positive direction.

I was on a colleague's podcast the other day - the topic is networking. The podcast is short. Let me know what you think if you give it a listen.

I've been more active on the neighborhood level, lately. If you live in Portland, perhaps you might like to weigh in on an issue happening on 62nd and Powell - it has to do with a new storage unit place planned for a property.

But really, the main thing that has my attention right now (and I hope you're thinking about this, as well) is the Trump/Republican tax bill. This seems to be one of the most destructive pieces of legislation I've ever seen before and I hope all of it is stopped. In a time when our country is facing the clean-up of multiple "natural" disasters due to global warming/heating - to think that Republicans think this is what we need - it's just plain stupid and wrong. So, please join me in keeping an eye on this topic and work with me to get the word out about it. I've created this simple graphic below that you're welcome to share around. I find it's a good way to get conversations going.
What are you doing
Enjoy this musical interlude - featuring Laurence Cole & friends
Here are some simple steps that everyone can take to make our planet a better place - esp. on the neighborhood level. Feel free to pass along these links via Nextdoor or your favorite time-sucking social network.

On a lighter note, I'm lucky to be soaking in a warm pool of water while you're reading this. Hello from Breitenbush!

Take care and have the best 11.11 - ever!

Much love,


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