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11-11-11 Personal Portals to Empowerment Specials 

Emerald Bridge
November Pre-Holiday Magic!

Embracing the Dragon ~ The Magician's Way


In celebration of the birthing of my newest tattoo (with personal and collective significance) and the amazing energies we are accessing more of every moment as we enter each of these energetic shifts rapidly, I felt the nudge to create some mirroring specials to support others in a way that can simultaneously help people to access their own transformational empowerment more efficiently, while collectively also creating a ripple effect that can catapult us all energetically.


With the potent, culmination of the Full Moon in Scorpio today 11-10 (click here for more info: Full Moon) and Friday's 11-11-11 energetic doorway, along with the fact that so many are in process of and on brink of powerful transitions that have such hugely linked personal and collective importance and meaning, I would like to offer a few of my own personal contributions to support these shifts and prepare us for the amazing things to come.


These special offerings are all about creating transformatively healing and magical portals to access highest potentials in the most integrated and unconditionally compassionate way - ways to help you embrace your own inner dragons and harness the power of that integration so that you can transform your life magically.








~ Magical Reiki Healing Attunements - $11 

(regularly $50): specifically focused, this can be purchased for yourself or as a gift to someone else and are done by distance, helps to remove blocks and promote growth and healing for any specific concern or issue you are facing, or goal you want aid in achieving, and would like support with.


~ Sacred Tattoo Design - $111 

(regularly $125/hour): create your personal portal to healing empowerment to achieve your own "spiritual skin" - this offer is good for one small tattoo design up to 3 inches by 3 inches in size maximum. Each design is magically created with energetic intention.


~ FREE "Spiritual Skin" Book with Commission of One Regular Priced Sacred Tattoo Design:

learn how you can utilize sacred images specifically attuned to your needs in order to support your personal healing, create portal openings into new experiences and help support the new earth collective energy while creating a "uniquely you" magical reflection. To read more about this new paradigm book that's helping to transform lives and what is involved in the sacred tattoo design process: Spiritual Skin. Each design is infused with magical intention.


~ Sacred Personal Portal Paintings - $222 to $1111:

Now you can have your own personal portal even if you aren't a tattoo fan or if the idea of getting inked isn't your cup of tea for whatever reason. For those of you who would love to still have that uniquely you symbolic image to help access the energy intents you have, or for those with tattoos who would like to create something unique for your sacred space at home or work that you can use to gaze upon, meditate with, or simply have in your presence to support you daily with its potent energy, I am now offering paintings in two sizes with the same intent and execution as the sacred tattoos. $222 for an 8"x10" canvas board that can easily be held, framed, mounted for your desk, kept next to your bed or on a wall. $1111 for a 24"x30" canvas that can grace the wall of any space you desire.


Offers must be purchased between now and 11/22, but can be used any time. No limits on how many you can purchase.

All of these specials can be purchased for self or others. Make great gifts for the holidays or are wonderful ways to help support intents in the now.

Secure Paypal payments accepted. Contact me with any questions you may have. 



Having experienced the magic potency of sacred tattoo symbols and images on my own skin, as well as hearing the shared stories from many others, (including the clients I have helped design tattoos for, those whose lives have been transformed by experiencing the energy of symbolic tattoos even as observers, and those who never resonated with tattoos, but experience life changing perception shifts via the information in my book) I have come to see how we can utilize these images as another tool to access desired intentions, yet in this way, integrating our physical and spiritual in partnership through the beautiful temple vessels our bodies are meant to be. 


The same with Reiki - a way we can tap into that integrated healing experience through our own vessels, utilizing universal life force energy channeled through our divine essence and hearts to create manifestations on every level.




My newest tattoo birthing happens to be a dragon, or magic dragon as I would like to call it, (a creative image inspired from my painting Air and connection to my dear Nestor), with special meaning to me and embedded with potent runes and symbols (one of which actually is that of a portal). I say, "happens to be," as I just synchronously realized after getting it that we are on the verge of embarking upon 2012, which is the year of the dragon in Chinese zodiac - water dragon that is, which brings some beautifully integrated balance, power and flowing manifestations.


I share a story in my Reiki classes about the difference between a warrior who goes out and battles to try and conquer and destroy the dragon (the thing that appears outside of us as the enemy needing to be fought and slayed) vs the magician who embraces, with realization, the inner projection the dragon mirrors and thus learns to magically integrate duality into oneness, harnessing empowerment through that fearless and compassionate awareness, and as a result becomes one with the dragon...a dragon master.


This is simple alchemy for healing empowerment.


For more on the year of the dragon coming I like this link: 2012 Year of the Dragon. I always like to be 10 steps or more ahead creating the space to grow into, so I like to share about energies coming so we can align, make wise discernments and start accessing what is percolating.




Until then, keep embracing this magical journey in the most unconditionally compassionate way you can towards self and others. The full moon in Scorpio sets the stage for some powerful and transformational energy that the 11-11-11 stargate portal harnesses. Enjoy this magnificent experience of "being" in the now.



With creative love and magic,

Tania Marie

Visionary Artist, Reiki Master Teacher, Writer








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