11.11 Portal Meditation Telecall
Sunday, November 11th

Since we are in the very special vibrational time of two portals of 11.11 in one month, I will lead two special talks and meditations on November 11th and November 29th. I will lead a Full Moon Golden Flame meditation on November 22nd (another master number).
Vibrationally, we are in a very special time. In numerology, 11.11 is a master number. It is also an awakening number, and this year we are Awakening to Beauty, step number 7 in a 13-step ascension process that humanity and our planet are now going through. As we quest this energetic gateway/portal, it opens for us the pathway of the heart, leading to significant spiritual growth, ascension and awareness.

11.11 is a very special time in our lives. It is a portal that opens us up to the vibration of the all-knowing, connecting us to the unseen world.

It is a time that we ask the energy of Divine Love to clear any disharmony in our energy field. Every time we look at the clock and see it is 11.11, it is time to stop and go within.  It is a time to let go of the burdens of old programming and beliefs so that we can stand in our power and freely move through the gateways, crossing the threshold into Unified Consciousness.

11.11 is a time when we are letting go and knowing that our cleared energy field is filled with the amazing power of Divine Love, Harmony and Peace. A time when the spark of the Divine, the Golden Flame within each of us, is amplified as we place ourselves in the energy of awareness, healing and evolution of ourselves and the planet.

Travel in the light of the Golden Flame.

Blessings, love and Golden Light,


11.11 Portal Meditation -  
Sunday, November 11th

Join us on this telecall to share inspiration f or the journey into the mysteries of Awakened Consciousness, Ascension, and the process of Self Realization as you journey this year of Awakening to Beauty.

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November 11th ,

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