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Dear Friend of CCSD93,
Jay Stream Middle School Opens 50-Year Time Capsules! 
Yesterday, Jay Stream Middle School opened three 50-year-old time capsules! They were buried in the walls of the school almost exactly 50 years prior, on November 17, 1968, when it was known as Roy DeShane (the schools switched names when what is now Roy DeShane was built in 1974).

The burial was originally done in collaboration with the Carol Stream Woman's Club, who attended the opening, along with current and former students and administrators, Carol Stream dignitaries including Mayor Saverino, and even some Woman's Club members from the original burial!
Among the interesting items uncovered were:
  • Newspaper articles covering the tragic assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy that year
  • A micro-miniskirt created by then-student Cathy Hudson for her sewing class
  • A flag from Cub Scout Pack 191 who are still very active in Carol Stream
  • Jell-O packets
  • Fake eyelashes (a newly accessible fashion of the time; shown below)
  • Much more!
Watch a complete video of the opening of the capsules by clicking the photo below.
Orchestra Puts on Terrific Shows This Week 
This week the Carol Stream, Heritage Lakes, Western Trails 4th & 5th grade Orchestra played a concert at Jay Stream, and the Cloverdale, Elsie Johnson, Roy DeShane 4th & 5th grade Orchestra played at Stratford.

In addition, the combined 7th & 8th grade Orchestra from both middle schools were invited as special guests to play at the Carol Stream Chamber of Commerce's Holiday Social last night.

All three of the shows were outstanding. What incredible opportunities for our talented young musicians to play in public forums! Click the images above for snippets from 4th and 5th graders playing "We Will Rock You" by Queen at Jay Stream and the 7th & 8th graders playing at the Carol Stream Chamber!
Stratford Teacher Wins a New Car - Yes a CAR -  
at School Today! 
During Stratford Middle School's PBIS Assembly celebrating a successful first trimester, Stratford 8th grade teacher Mrs. Kathy Nikides was awarded her choice of a brand new Dodge Journey crossover SUV or $25,000 from California Casualty! She was one of 75,000 entrants into the company's "Wherever Your Journey Takes You...We'll be There" Sweepstakes and was randomly selected as the grand prize winner.
The contest was put on in partnership with the National Education Association. I was thrilled to be there to see her surprised reaction firsthand. Check out a video of her reaction by clicking the image above. Congratulations, Mrs. Nikides!
Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences Next Week!
Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held at our schools next week, so if you were able to sign up, we'll see you there! Online registration for has closed, but if you require changes or still need to register, give your child's school a call on Monday morning.

This year, students are involved in all elementary and middle school conferences, so please be sure to bring them with you! The letter linked here was sent home with elementary school report cards and emailed to middle school parents. Please review it before attending the conference.
Join Our Students' Sustainability Effort:
Keep Stormwater Drains Uncontaminated
Today, students who are a part of the Superintendent's Advisory Student Council at each middle school participated in an activity that is particularly important this time of year. They installed medallions on stormwater drains in Carol Stream and Bloomingdale reminding residents not to dump anything down the drains. Stormwater drains do not join wastewater in the sewers; they drain directly to rivers. The environmental team at SCARCE pointed us to this project, and they also referred us to data that shows that cooking oils and other contaminants (even something as seemingly harmless as car wash soaps) are often dumped into these drains, and they really wreak havoc on the local environment.

Thanks to members of the public works departments of both villages for being on hand to ensure student safety and reiterate the importance of the project. This holiday season, please join us in protecting our environment and ensuring no contaminants of any kind are dumped down stormwater drains. We'll have a brief video of this project next week.
Happy Thanksgiving!
There will be no school Monday and Tuesday as we hold Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences, and there will be no school Wednesday through Friday for Thanksgiving break. I'm thankful that our supportive community enables CCSD93 to provide an engaging, relevant education to our students everyday! I hope you're able to spend some time with friends and family in the next week.

Enjoy your week!


Bill Shields, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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