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Dear SJB Families,

I once again spent time in teachers' classrooms this week and saw many wonderful things. I wish I could speak to all of them, but I'll just pick a couple. Mrs. Welling's class had an intriguing discussion about the Bill or Rights. Mrs. Welling had them listing the Bills in order of which they thought was the most important. It was interesting to see the differences throughout the class. When Mrs. Welling asked what unalienable rights were and students were having trouble defining them, they triggered their memory by doing a choral rendition of the Declaration of Independence. Awesome!

Mrs. VanFossen's 7th grade ELA was finishing a novel called Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. They had wonderful discussion and vocabulary work, but my favorite moment was when the novel ended. One student cried out, "That's it! That is so unsatisfying." Other students joined in with things like, "That all.", "What happens to them?","I want a chapter that happens about a year later.", etc. When we fall in love with characters, we just want to be part of their lives for a little longer. The students in that class wanted more! How beautiful is that?

Fr. Bill Sullivan gave the homily at the All School Mass yesterday and said he would be the priest for next week's All School Mass! Of course next week is Thanksgiving, but he was inviting all students to make sure we give thanks in the best way possible - and that is participating in Holy Mass. St. John's will offer mass at 9AM on Thanksgiving day. If you haven't attended mass on Thanksgiving before, give it a try. I will be there and hope to see you there as well!

The picture below is from last week's staff prayer. We gather every Friday morning and pray as a group led by one of our teachers. Please know we are always praying for our school families and ask that you pray for us!

Mrs. Javins

Turkey Bingo - An Afternoon of Family Fun

$1 per Card

$5 for 6 cards

$20 for 25 cards

Concessions and Beer Available

*Cash or Check Only

Saint Nick Breakfast Seeking Donations!

Arts & Enrichment hosts the annual St. Nick Breakfast for all school families, parishioners and neighborhood friends. Please join us for breakfast; stay for a visit from St. Nick; and to bid on amazing silent auction and raffle items! All proceeds from this event fund the St. John’s Arts & Enrichment program. Arts & Enrichment funds class field trips, subsidizes the school piano program, school play and brings outside experiences to St. John’s students. We hope to raise enough funds this year to start an annual field trip for the 8th graders to Washington DC. 

St. Nick Breakfast Donation Form

Santa Breakfast Seeking New Chairs for Future Years!

One or two new families are needed to chair the St. Nick Breakfast for 2025. The current chairs would love to have the new chairs shadow this year so that it is easier next year. If you’re interested in being a chair, contact Ann Marie Hall at 260-415-4359.

Annual Safe Environment Training for Students

Teachers will begin the required safe environment training for all students after Thanksgiving break. The Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend created a safe environment educational program for all children enrolled in Catholic schools and parish religious education programs. The diocese established this important program to fulfill one of the mandates of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. Article 12 of the Charter reads, “Dioceses …are to maintain “safe environment” programs…to provide education and training for children, youth, parents, ministers, educators, volunteers and others about ways to make and maintain a safe environment for children and young people.” In our diocese, children receive this educational program every year. Repetition is a good thing. It helps the children remember what is safe and what is not. The presenter also identifies herself/himself as a safe, trusted person with whom the children can share their needs whenever necessary. This educational material is “important personal safety information that every child should have.” This is not sex education.

If you would like your child to opt out of this training, you must notify us in writing by Tuesday 11/21. More information on this training can be found at the following link.

Safe Environment Curriculum

Bishop's Appeal Help

As of 11/7, we have $53,849.99 pledged toward this year’s Bishop’s Appeal with 123 total pledges. This leaves us $17,436 short of our goal of $71,286. The parish is responsible for the $17,000 difference. Our Parish is so very generous to our school! Please prayerfully consider a donation to this year’s Annual Bishop’s Appeal. Any amount helps!

Donate Online Here

Pledge cards are available next to the collection baskets. If you turn them into the school off - we will get them to the parish.

SGO Match Opportunity

Mr. Connolly spoke before all masses last weekend about the SGO match opportunity through the end of the year. Make sure to choose St. John the Baptist Fort Wayne - Fort Wayne when donating online at

What is an example of the possible tax benefits for my gift to the SGO?

Depending on your tax bracket, a donation of $1000 to the SGO could result in:    

Donation to SGO         $1000.00

50% state tax rebate       (-$500.00)

25% federal deduction    ($500.00 x 25%=-$125.00)


Net cost to you           $375.00

**Consult your tax advisor to determine your specific tax situation.

BLHS Henry Keefer Scholarship Exam/Placement Test

All 8th grade students should play to attend the Henry-Keefer Scholarship Exam/Placement Test on either Saturday 11/11 or 12/2.

  • This exam is used as both a scholarship examination and a placement test for freshmen english and math classes.
  • There are no CYO events schedule until after the exam on 12/2, so all students should be able to attend one of the two dates.
  • Door #10 opens at 7:45 AM. No students will be allowed in after about 8:05 AM.
  • If a student has an ISP, they should take the test on 12/2 if they wish to have testing accommodations.
  • Bring a few pencils - no calculator is used on the test.
  • Students may bring a bottle of water and a light snack for break time.

Middle School Winners

Throughout the week teachers in middle school collect names of students going above and beyond, whether it is helping a classmate, participating in class, answering hard questions, volunteering at Mass, etc. Then once a week each middle school teacher draws out a name from their collection to get a small prize. All names eligible for the drawing are placed on a bulletin board in the middle school hallway for all to see. 

This week's winners were:

  • Valentin Martinez (6th) - Mrs. VanFossen ELA
  • Claire Gerardot - Mrs. Sturm ELA
  • Thurston Smits - Mrs. Henry MATH
  • David Archbold - Mrs. Zimmerman RELIGION
  • Ethan Stover - Mrs. Hayhurst SCIENCE
  • Paige Ratliff - Mrs. Welling SOCIAL STUDIES

BLHS Ambassador's Visit St. Johns

Many SJB alumni visited our school to share advice about high school. It is always fun to hear the high school students share their experiences and the questions our students ask. Bishop Luers has had an ambassador program for years. Fr. Mark was a Luers ambassador!

Happening Today in the Classroom

Lost and Found/Donation Center

Do any of these items look familiar?

There are uniform shirts, donated navy blue sweaters and uniform pants, jackets left on the playground, lunch boxes. Please check for missing items!

Luke Shank to perform on BLHS's Elf Jr.

8th Grader Luke Shank will have a part in Bishop Luers High School's performance of Elf Jr. Come out and see him perform! Click on the picture for more details.

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Substitute Teachers Needed

We are in need of substitute teachers. In order to be a substitute, you must apply with the diocese and hold a valid substitute license from the state.

  • Diocesan information located here.
  • Valid Substitute Permit application from State found here.
  •  Licensed or Retired Teachers - $125 per Day/ $75 Half Day
  • High School Diploma and Valid Substitute Permit - $100 per day/ $60 Half Day

Upcoming Events

Stay informed! Get quick access to all events on the school calendar and important notifications! Download the Eventlink app to your phone and subscribe to the calendars you want to follow! Learn more about Eventlink here.

  • 11/19 Turkey Bingo 3-6PM in PAC
  • 11/22 - 11/24 Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/30 5th Grade to STARBASE
  • 12/2 First Reconciliation for 2nd Graders
  • 12/2 Henry-Keefer Scholarship/Placement Exam at BLHS
  • 12/3 St. Nick Breakfast
  • 12/7 5th Grade to STARBASE
  • 12/7 3rd and 4th Grade to Nutcracker
  • 12/8 Immaculate Conception Mass Holy Day of Obligation
  • 12/13 Grade 5 Reconciliation
  • 12/14 5th Grad to STARBASE
  • 12/14 Grades 4&5 Reconciliation (Date Change)
  • 12/13 Christmas Concert 6:30 PM in Church
  • 12/18 5th Grade to STARBASE
  • 12/18 - 12/20 Mass Hysteria Retreat for Jr. High