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CCSD93 strives to maximize the academic, social & emotional potential of each student.
Dear Friend of CCSD93,
Thank You, CCSD93 Community
In keeping with the Thanksgiving season, on behalf of the Board of Education, I would like to extend a message of thanks and appreciation to our parents for partnering with us in their child's education; to our dedicated staff members for their devotion to meeting CCSD93's Mission of maximizing the academic, social, and emotional potential of each student; and to our community for the resources and support they provide CCSD93. We are very fortunate to work in such a vibrant and supportive community that values the work of preparing each of our students to be college and career ready.
I am in awe that our staff members are able to create classroom and school communities where students feel welcomed, where learning is valued, and where each individual's special gifts are recognized. I am thankful that District 93 continues to strive for excellence in each and every classroom, to grow stronger by our diversity, and to cultivate an open and positive school climate. 

I hope that you had a terrific Thanksgiving and have the opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends this season!

Please review the messages below for the latest from CCSD93.
CCSD93 Parent Satisfaction Survey Opens on Monday, 12/2!
Each year, we poll parents, students, and staff members with a satisfaction survey to seek input on our performance. Your responses will help our schools improve programs and services. It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete, and your answers will be completely anonymous. 

This year's survey will be open to parents from Monday, December 2 through Wednesday December, 18. You can take it online or at your child's school, and you'll receive notifications on Monday that it's open. Please take a moment to take it! It will be available in English and Spanish.
Attend a Free Parent Workshop!
Glenbard Parent Series (GPS) is offering the following upcoming FREE parent workshops as part of its ongoing series geared toward helping adults navigate parenthood in modern times.

They're terrific resources for our community, and even though it has Glenbard in its name, CCSD93 parents with or without students in high school absolutely are invited to attend.
Check out the GPS programming scheduled next week and the week after that you may find valuable! Visit www.glenbardgps.org for more!
Reminder of School Closing Procedures Due to Weather
As we turn to December, it's important that our parents know what to expect if there is an emergency school closing due to weather conditions. If weather keeps CCSD93 from holding school on any given day, parents will receive notification from the District via the following methods:
  • Automated phone call
  • Email
  • Text message
  • Pushed to the CCSD93 app
School closing information will also be found prominently placed on:  
  • School websites
  • CCSD93's website
  • Our Facebook page
  • Our Twitter account
  • Our Instagram account
  • Local television stations
  • Local radio stations
Every effort is made to have a decision on whether or not to close schools by 5:30 a.m. While the District determines if schools should be closed due to weather, the decision to send a child to school in severe weather is always ultimately the choice of the parent. Parents who feel it is unsafe for their child to attend, even if school is open, should keep their child home that day and call the school office to notify the school of this decision.

We will contact you at all of the phone numbers and email addresses you supplied for parents of the child when you completed your online registration. If you think your contact information may need to be updated, please contact your child's school office after Thanksgiving break during regular school hours to update it.
School Resumes Monday, 12/2
We'll welcome students back on Monday! 
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