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State Library ARPA E-Bulletin
Welcome to the latest edition of the Montana State Library ARPA E-Bulletin.  The State Library has contracted with the Montana Cooperative Development Center (MCDC) and the consulting firm of Applied Communications to provide outreach and technical assistance to local libraries regarding information about the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding opportunities.   Look for monthly e-bulletins with updates on grants, training, and partnering opportunities. For general information on ARPA and other resources:  

State of Montana ARPA web page:

Montana State Library to Host ARPA Webinar
MCDC is organizing a webinar series with expert panelists to share information on ARPA programs, tips for successful grant applications, and suggestions for coordinating with state agencies and other partners.   The following information should help with preparation for the webinar.

Webinar Title: “ARPA 101 & Related Funding Opportunities for Libraries”

Date: November 17 (Wednesday)

Time: 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Content - Following an introduction by the State Library, each panelist will have 15-minutes to present.  A question-answer session will follow the presentations.

Panelists: The following agencies will be invited to participate:

·        Montana Dept. of Commerce -ARPA 101
·        Montana Telecommunications Association – Broadband
·        Zero-to-Five – Coordinating with funding for childcare
·        Facilitator – State Library Staff

To Register:

What You Should Know About Water & Sewer ARPA Funding  

House Bill 632 established grant programs for water and sewer. )  The Montana Department of Commerce is responsible for providing outreach and technical assistance to local governments regarding the application process.  (Commerce | ARPA (

MCDC has prepared a funding guide describing how libraries may utilize these programs for parking, landscaping, and water/sewer upgrades.  Download this brochure at: 

Montana Department of Commerce Programs  
In addition to the ARPA water and sewer grant programs, the DOC has other programs that can assist with planning and public facility upgrades.

Community Development Block Grant (CBDG) Planning Funds (Preliminary Architectural Reports, Preliminary Architectural Reports, …. ) 

Community Development Block Grant (CBDG) Public Facility Grants (If meets income eligibility criteria.)

Historic Preservation Grants - For Historic Library Buildings

Big Sky Trust Fund – Planning Grants.  Planning Studies Related to Economic Development.

Other ARPA Web Resources
Montana Association of Counties 

The Montana Association of Counties has several resources that may be useful to libraries.
·        Links & Webinars regarding ARPA

·        Covid news and guidance for county agencies regarding public health and protections against the further spread of the disease. 

Montana League of Cities and Towns

The Montana League of Cities and Towns has numerous resources including links, information handouts, and town hall videos.

Other Grants

In addition to the ARPA websites, the links below provide information about other grant programs.

For more ARPA Information
Montana Web site:                Montana ARPA Hot Line: 1-844-406-2772
Check future e-bulletins for answers to more questions!   For additional information on this outreach program please contact:
Tracy Cook
Montana State Library
Kate McMahon
Applied Communications