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July 2015 Edition

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Happy  Independence  Day America
"Everyone talks about how much you can make in an investment. Does anyone show you how much you can lose?"  
- Rick Alford

T he 5 Biggest Retirement Mistakes!

Ed Slott's 5 Biggest Retirement Mistakes - TheStreet.com interview
Ed Slott's 5 Biggest Retirement Mistakes - TheStreet.com interview

The IUL Cap: Good News or Bad News?
At first glance, the cap appears to be a major downside for Indexed Universal Life (IUL).

On further investigation it proves to be something else entirely. 

A Note from the
Accounting Sleuth
Seven Investing Principles

Bastiat Capital invests in quality companies with a long-term focus, thus allowing our clients and us to sleep well at night.


We break down our investment philosophy to the following seven principles:  Read more...


Understanding Your Annuity
There is a serious shortage of understanding of annuities by the people who can benefit the most: the investing and saving public who have retirement on their minds.
Employers must monitor 401(k) fees, Supreme Court rules
In a move that could brighten retirement prospects for millions of Americans, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that employers have a duty to keep watch over 401(k) plans to guard against high management fees that can erode retirement savings.  Read More
Market Linked CD July Offerings

FACTS: A deposit of $100,000.00...

  • 5.5 years ago - now worth $145,140.00 (8.21% APY)
  • 7 years ago - now worth $180,140.00 (11.45% APY)
  • 10 years ago - now worth $300,410.00 (20.04% APY)

FDIC Insured Market Linked CD Highlights... 

  • 401k, IRA, 403b, ROTH all qualify!
  • Diversified exposer to 7 different asses classes.
  • Uncapped interest at maturity.

Market-Linked CDs (MLCD) offer principal protection, FDIC insurance and potentially higher interest rates than typical CD's. Instead of a low fixed-rate, MLCDs offer variable interest generated by the performance of the Stocks, Commodities, Currencies or Index, it is linked to.


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Social Security Timing Class
at Collin College
Do you know the 567 ways to claim?
T here may be retirement benefit strategies available to you that could substantially increase your future payments even if you have already begun collecting.

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