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Autumn 2022

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In this edition you will learn about:

  • 11 mistakes of home remodeling
  • preparing your house for winter
  • repairing water damage issues
  • Service Project Coordinator, Ashley Forsha
  • a recent customer testimonial and more
Do It Yourself Renovation

11 Mistakes of Home Remodeling

Remodeling is always an exciting prospect. In all the excitement, it's easy to make choices that turn out to be mistakes. Here are some of the biggest and most common mistakes people make in home remodels..

Not Doing the Remodel Before Moving In

If you buy a home and have time and resources, it is best to get the remodel done before you move in because no furniture or personal items need to be moved or covered to do the remodel. This is especially true for a kitchen remodel.

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House Covered in Snow

Preparing Your House for Winter

Now that autumn is upon us, we recommend preparing your home for the incoming nasty weather. Rain, wind, thunderstorms, snow, and hair are about to end up at your doorstep.

Water is one of the most destructive elements to homes. The damages it causes can be obvious or sneaky. For example, the effects of a flood on your home are often evident when you have a pool of water on your main floor, while the effects of heavy rain leaking through your roof isn't always noticeable immediately.

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Water Damage

Finding and Repairing Leak and Water Damage Issues

One client was referred to Shirey Home Pro by a trusted acquaintance. The client needed a section of siding repaired. The damage appeared to have been caused by water intrusion. Shirey Home Pro reviewed the area, pulled off the siding, and found water damage caused by improper waterproofing around a shower. It was clear that, over the years, water had slowly leaked around the shower until it had reached the outside of the home, where it became noticeable to the eye. Shirey removed the siding, reframed the walls, installed proper waterproof backing, and installed new siding.

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Get to Know Ashley Forsha

Ashley grew up in her father’s custom furniture business. Ashley learned about construction remodel and repairs as her dad was more than a furniture craftsman but a jack of all trades and worked on many homes. In the short time she has been at Shirey, she has made significant contributions using her knowledge as a Service Project Coordinator in the Handyman/Repair side


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Ashley Forsha

Client Testimonial

Working with Shirey Home Pro has been a pleasant adventure. Our having new doors installed by a door company revealed the existence of DRY ROT. We asked Shirey to evaluate and estimate this work.

They did so quickly. The estimate (not including taxes) was quite close. The work was carried out efficiently and carefully and I understood what was happening, and if I did not understand, I asked. Their responses were direct, educational and clear. I like this!

Having had Shirey Home Pro continue to work on projects that needed doing, I have found them to be consistent in their reliability. Delays happened, especially at the beginning of Covid. Their team communicated delays and changes in a timely manner.

Also important is the professional caliber of their workforce. Their crew seems to be able to do a multitude of tasks. Each may have a special area, but will also serve as part of a team doing something else. They are intelligent and seem to like their work. They communicate during the work, which I value. And, I was unaware of these Pro's working at cross purposes, a quality that I appreciate.

I really liked the gentleness with which I learned of work that needed doing, work that I would have missed until there was a big a rotting chimney. When members of their group saw something, I was told about it in a manner in which I could ask questions, like..."what happens if I wait until next year?" (I have experienced another company's response to a similar question that made a project sound like an immediate necessity, only to find out that was not the case. I am watchful as a result.)

I have great respect for the leadership and the infra-structure staff, the personable people who glue this group together.

Dana Ericson, August 14, 2022

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