We solve one of the most difficult challenges facing families today...caring for loved ones requiring essential personal home care services.

11 Products That Make Life Easier at Home for Seniors

As your senior loved ones continue aging, health and mobility issues may impede their ability to properly shower, dress, bend to tie shoes, and other simple tasks. These limitations can frustrate them and adversely affect their mood and emotional state. A variety of personal care items are available to help them continue their daily routines, maintain independence, and lift their spirits.

As heat waves strike communities during the dog days of summer, people of all ages frantically look for ways to cool off. Family caregivers of seniors experience even more pressure and stress. They need to keep their older loved ones safe and comfortable during periods of soaring temperatures. Teamwork and a bit of extra planning are sometimes required.

If a senior loved one is snoring, it could be more than just an annoying disturbance. An underlying health issue may be the cause of chronic snoring, which can affect their sleep patterns, well-being, and overall quality of life.

Roughly 20% of seniors on Medicare are readmitted within 30 days of a hospital discharge due to preventable factors. Reduce hospital readmission risks by learning what questions to ask and understanding why professional home care can be vital for seniors after a stint in the hospital.