Foundation News: May 2019
11 Things Your Church Finance Committee Should be Doing
The Finance Committee is an important group because it can influence sustained financial health and growth of church assets. Read more >
A Legacy that Stands the Test of Time

We only have one life to live, but what if you could do something remarkable tod ay while making an impact that would last forever? Read more>
HELP Applications Open June 1!

Do you have student loan debt from seminary? Then our HELP program might be for you!  Learn more >
Spring Checklist for Inspections
Have you walked around your property yet to make sure that everything is in working order? Follow this checklist from United Methodist Insurance to ensure that your church is in good condition. Read more >
Has your church been impacted by flooding this spring?
We are lowering our loan rate for flooded churches that need to make repairs!
Family Business - Selling & Retiring

Bill and Alice run a family business, but want to retire. They decide to sell, but they would like to have a very good retirement income and reduce their taxes. Read more>
How to Improve Your Balance as You Age

As we age, our balance declines, which can increase the risk of falling . In some cases, simple exercises can help preserve and improve balance. Read more>
Church Communications: 4 Ways to Improve Your Announcements
Publicity for Local Churches
Wednesday, May 15 | Free Webinar | More>