110 foot wide 4k Screen - The largest and highest resolution indoor LED display of its kind in the country has found a new home inside the Peppermill Reno Resort Spa Casino's Race and Sportsbook.
The average width of a screen in a movie theater in 50-60 feet.
The new seamless screen at the Peppermill is 110 feet wide by 12 feet tall. It broadcasts in 4K resolution, and the display can be customized to air up to 30 different games and events at once.

The $3.5 million upgrade was completed by Peppermill Reno's in-house team. In addition to the main display, all 60 box seat booths were upgraded to 24-inch touchscreens with flush-mounted lights. Touchscreen capabilities include channel changing, volume control, and the ability to view all odds and keno games.

With this upgrade, Peppermill Reno's Race and Sportsbook has also gone entirely smoke-free. This includes the box seat booths and café table seating available in the rear of the sportsbook, as well as the sports bar adjacent to it.

As some of you know, prior to getting my Real Estate license in 2004 - I worked at the Peppermill Hotel Casino in Reno, Nevada for 22 years and I was in charge of the Sportsbook.

From the clipping above, last paragraph - you can see that in 1998 Peppermill had a 10 foot wide screen (BIG in those days).

 Now 2018 - 110 foot wide 4k screen. Wow - I am old.

Kelly Richmond