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      Archangel Michael for the Council of Light

Untouched photo at the lake, July 2018

#8 You Are Loved and You Are Love

Archangel Michael:

When you say, "I love you," you are inviting someone into your heart, into your dream.

When you say, "You are loved," you are saying to another that you see them as sovereign, that you respect their dream.

When you say, "You Are Love," you are reminding them that they are God I Am, living this and many other dreams, now and always.

You Are Love,
Archangel Michael

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#9 Your Inner Compass Most Certainly Becomes Overwhelmed: What To Do?

(Channeled by Christine Burk, 30 September 2018. WhoNeedsLight, Dr. Kathryn E. May, Founder. Please include channel and full message when reprinting. Please no mechanical voice recordings. This Story Ends in Glory!)

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