Hello NSSD112 Community,

Below are highlights from the North Shore School District 112 Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, August 21, 2018.
D112 Recognition - Patty Samuelian / New Administrators
On Tuesday night, the Board recognized Patty Samuelian, Teacher on Special Assignment, who is in charge of new teacher orientation and the staff mentoring program. For several years Ms. Samuelian has worked with new staff members to welcome them and ensure they start off on the right foot in District 112.

The Board also recognized administrators who joined the district including Edgewood Principal Sam Kurtz, Edgewood Assoc. Principal Anthony Candela, Edgewood Assoc. Principal Nicholas Stoyas, Wayne Thomas Principal Michael Rodrigo, Wayne Thomas and Red Oak Assoc. Principal Jennifer Convey, Oak Terrace Assoc. Principal Javier Lopez, and Teaching & Learning Coordinator Bri Savic.
Teacher Presentation - HP Sister Cities
English Language Arts Teacher Lori Wyatt along with Carol Wolfe, President of HP Sister City
Foundation, gave a presentation about the Sister Cities Schools initiative that Ms. Wyatt started last year. This summer the Virtual School initiative won the International’s 2018 award for Innovation: Youth and Education on behalf of the Highland Park Sister Cities Foundation, the City of Highland Park, and their Sister City partners in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Modena, Italy.
Superintendent’s Report
Topics of Tuesday night’s Superintendent’s Report included an update on the start of the school year including the staff institute day last week and the first two days of school this week.

Dr. Lubelfeld also addressed the transportation issues that have occured in the first few days of school and what the district is doing to solve them. The report also touched on a delegation of Chinese principals who will visit the district in September to learn about the American educational system. Dr. Lubelfeld gave notice that the previously scheduled board meeting on September 4th has been canceled. In addition, a new District 112 organizational chart was also featured and is available to the public.

Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) Update
Dr. Lubelfeld gave the Board an update on the progress of the LRPC process including the conclusion of the initial community feedback portion of the process. He also detailed the next steps the committee will take as they deliver their advice to him that will be used to develop his recommendation to Board for the future of the district. He presented a list of tasks that the LRPC has taken and will take in the next few months. Dr. Lubelfeld also touched upon financial and facility information regarding the planning process.  
Superintendent Goals/Evaluation Plan
The employment contract between the NSSD112 Board of Education and Superintendent states that there is to be a review of his performance each year by June 30th. As Dr. Lubelfeld embarks on his first year of service to the district as the superintendent of schools, he has consulted with the entire Board on a plan to make progress towards the contract goals. During Tuesday’s meeting the Board approved a list of goals and an evaluation plan that will act as a blueprint for success as well as a tool for leadership accountability.
Approval FY19 Budget
On Tuesday night the the Board approved and adopted the balanced Budget for the 2018-2019 as presented. The District is required per the Illinois School Code, to file an annual Board approved budget with the County by September 30 of each year. At the July 17, 2018 Regular Board meeting, Administration presented the 2018-2019 Tentative Budget Update and indicated that the Final Budget would be presented to the Board, with any updates, for adoption at the August 21, 2018 Board meeting. The approved budget is an expression of the values and priorities of the district and is a document that can be referenced by the wider community to better understand how taxpayer money is utilized.

Personnel Recommendations

Upcoming Meetings
NOTE: The previously scheduled board meeting on September 4th has been canceled. The next Regular Business Board of Education Meeting will be on Tuesday, September 25, 2018, at 7:00 p.m.