Hello NSSD112 Community,

Below are highlights from the North Shore School District 112 Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.
Superintendent’s Report
Topics of Tuesday night’s Superintendent’s Report included plans to form a Modern Learning Committee. The purpose of this committee will be to guide and inform the decision-making process regarding the integration of technology. Committee representatives will include district administration, building administration, HPHS, teachers, parents, and students.

The report also touched on how the administration is reaching out to many stakeholder groups regarding Phase I of the Long-Range Plan. Dr. Lubelfeld detailed meetings that have been held and will be held with middle school staff, PTO groups, and students from the middle schools and feeder schools. The meetings are meant to give stakeholders an update on the construction, renovation, and temporary relocation plans. The meetings also asked for feedback and insights on how to make the project a success.

The report went on to cover results from the recent parent, students, and staff Brightbytes Technology & Learning Data Survey. Dr. Lubelfeld also highlighted the District’s app and a new video produced by NSSD112 that explores the district’s new K-8 Core Language Arts Curriculum Resources.

Before and After-School Childcare Recommendation
At Tuesday’s meeting, the administration presented Innovation Learning as the district's sole provider of before and after-school childcare in all seven K-5 schools. This recommendation was discussed at the meeting and will be submitted for Board approval on January 29th. If approved, the contract with Innovation Learning would begin on July 1, 2019.

World Languages Curricular Resource Recommendation
The district’s Director of Languages, Ms. Lindsey Rose, presented a recommendation for the adoption of a new World Languages Curricular Resource. During the 2018-2019 school year, the Director of Languages met with publishers of middle school world language (both Spanish and French) core curriculum resource materials. Based on identified priorities, three publishers were chosen as finalists. These three publishers presented to the teachers in the World Languages Department and administrators from both North Shore School District 112 and Highland Park High School. An analysis of the committee’s input reflected an overwhelmingly positive response to EMC’s world language resources, which prompted Tuesday’s recommendation.

Discussion Regarding Land Assets
At the request of the Park District of Highland Park and the Highland Park Community Nursery School, the NSSD112 Board held a discussion of the possible use of District property at West Ridge Park for the relocation of Community Nursery School. The request follows a meeting held between representatives of the City of Highland Park, Park District, NSSD112, and HP Community on Wednesday, January 9 at the request of the Park District and the City of Highland Park. The purpose of NSSD112 board meeting discussion was the possibility of the Nursery School changing its proposed location from Kennedy Park to West Ridge Park, both of which are on land owned by NSSD112. After some discussion, the NSSD112 Board gave direction that they would be open to leasing the West Ridge land to HP Community if the site is fit for their needs. HP Community will be doing an in-depth site evaluation study to determine if the West Ridge Park site would be a feasible location. If it is a suitable location, HP Community would then follow a mandated approval process with the City of Highland Park.
Personnel Recommendations

Upcoming Meetings
The next Regular Business Board of Education Meeting will be on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019, at 7:00 p.m.

The Board’s Facility Committee will hold meetings on the following dates:
Tuesday, February 5, Wednesday, February 20, Wednesday, March 20, Wednesday, April 10, 2019, and Monday, May 13, 2019.
In addition, the Superintendent’s Citizens Advisory Committee for Construction will meet from 5pm-6pm Orientation 2/5/19, 2/20/19, 3/20/19, 4/10/19, & 5/13/19.