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Postsecondary Counseling Newsletter

January 22nd, 2024

11th graders and Families,

Please take some time to read through the entire newsletter as there is some important content and awesome opportunities contained herein! We have some college visits coming up as well as a presentation about Gap Years.

Please plan to attend Spring Junior postsecondary night on March 13th from 5:30-7:00pm.

Summer planning

Two weeks ago during Advisory, we discussed how you will spend your summer. We explored the following questions:

  • Why is it important to do something in the summer?
  • What does it mean to do something enriching?
  • Why is it important to do something enriching?

Please take a look at these slides for answers to these questions and links to lots of summer opportunities.

Attend the Scholarship Fair Tomorrow from 4:30-5:30!

Tomorrow's scholarship fair is open to ALL grade levels! Please come to meet and chat with representatives from local scholarship organizations. Learn about:

  • What are scholarships looking for?
  • What can you be doing now to help to make yourself a better candidate?
  • How do I apply for a scholarship?
  • What are some tips and tricks and do's and don'ts of applying for scholarships?

Grading changes - weighted GPA at AHS

In the Spring semester of 2023, the opportunity to take free dual enrollment courses at FLC became available to all AHS students. Additionally, in the Fall of 2023 we also added Pueblo Community College courses, some of which offer a level of rigor that is the same as a Fort Lewis College (or other 4-year college) course. College courses move at a fater pace and present a level of challenge beyond what students are experiencing in most of their high school courses. As such, we instituted a policy of weighting the grade received in those courses to reflect this additional level of rigor.

How does it work? Each grade that you earn in high school is worth a set number of points, which are then added and averaged out to formulate your GPA. Grades that are weighted calculate into your Animas GPA with a one point weight (almost like a bonus). For example, If you earn a B in a weighted class, it will factor into your Animas GPA like an A in an unweighted class.

Students who have taken weighted classes will have two different Cumulative GPA's listed on their transcript. The weighted GPA will be higher. Here is what this looks like on a transcript:

If you have not taken any weighted courses, your weighted and unweighted GPA will be the same:

***When appling for summer or other programs that ask for your GPA, if you have not taken any weighted courses, then you do not have a weighted GPA and should report your GPA as unweighted***

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions about this.

Upcoming College and Career Events

1/23: Scholarship fair (9th-12th) 4:30-5:30pm

1/23: FAFSA night (seniors only) 5:30-8:00pm

1/24: University of Wyoming virtual visit 12:15-12:45 - Circulatory space

1/31: SW Conservation Corps summer youth corps information session @ lunch

2/2: CAUSE internship info session @ AHS 12:00-12:45 (10th & 11th)

2/6: Western CO University in-person visit 2:00-2:45 - Circulatory space

2/7: 9th Grade career fair

3/13: Spring Junior Postsecondary night @ AHS 5:30-7:30pm

3/14: Pacific Discovery Gap Year webinar (virtual) 12:00-12:45pm

4/3: 9th Grade Career site visit field trips

4/13: Admissions Case Study @ AHS 9:00am-12:00pm (9th-12th)

4/17: PSAT/SAT testing day (9th-11th)

4/25-5/1: Sophomore Inspire Week (10th only)

5/1-5/21: LINK (Juniors only)

College & Career Events Calendar

Financial Aid, Scholarships & paying for college

This podcast episode from the College Essay Guy on the basics of paying for college is an excellent introduction - give it a listen!

Podcast: A Crash Course in Paying for College & Common Affordability Myths

Also check out these other two episodes on colleges that are most generous with financial aid:


January resources for 11th-graders:

Interested in or curious about a Gap Year?

Attend this virtual session (open to Parents and Caregivers too!) during lunch on March 14th with Amber Latimer about Gap Years and opportunities.

You should now be working on your college list in earnest. One low-key way to check out colleges is to watch some episodes of The College Tour!

The wait is over! The much-anticipated Season 9 of The College Tour is now available on Amazon Prime Video. This season celebrates diversity and inclusivity, showcasing students with unique backgrounds and goals.

The viewers will explore majors like Business Administration, Life Science, Civil Engineering, Literature, and more, all while taking campus tours of outstanding colleges and universities across America and hearing students share their authentic stories and the impact that higher education had on them.

Join our host, Alex Boylan, on this exciting journey through the vibrant world of modern college life.

The College Tour


Fort Lewis College's amazing Society of Women Engineers is hosting a Design Challenge for local female/non-binary high school students interested in engineering to test their problem solving and communication skills on Saturday, February 3 from 10am-4pm.  This is a great opportunity to work with current FLC engineering students and get a feel for FLC’s engineering department.

This is a free event! Register HERE

Interested in Health Care?

Register for the Colorado AHEC HOPE program! Montly virtual education sessions that culminate in the opportunity to attend a free, week-long summer institute in Colorado Springs or Denver! You only have to attend 3 sessions total to qualify for the summer institute. Register HERE

Girls Lead the Way - STEM & Leadership Conference for High School Girls is designed for woman-identifying and nonbinary students in grades 9-12 who are interested in being a leader in STEM. Participants will engage in a day-long interactive, lab and classroom-based conference hosted by the Society of Women Engineers - Mines Collegiate Section.

Event Information


Saturday, January 27, 2024


8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Mountain Time)


Colorado School of Mines

Green Center

924 16th St.

Golden, CO 80401


$35 (non-refundable)

Registration closes on Saturday, January 6, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. unless capacity is met sooner.

Girls Lead the Way Registration

SUMMET program - apply now!

The Summer Multicultural Engineering Training (SUMMET) program is an engineering, science and technology program designed for rising juniors and seniors who are from underrepresented populations, including ethnic and racial minorities, women and first-generation prospective college students as well as students with demonstrated financial need.

SUMMET combines non-accredited coursework, hands-on projects, team building activities and social events. SUMMET provides exposure to the lifestyle, opportunities and challenges of college and is designed to help build skills and experiences for a smooth transition from high school to college. SUMMET is a one-week residential program, allowing participants to live on campus for the duration of the program, experience life as a college student and participate in STEM-related curriculum instruction.

This program is available at no cost to participants with the exception of a $50 confirmation fee for students accepted into the program. Transportation to and from the program is not included in the cost and is currently the responsibility of participants. For more information, check out the SUMMET website.


SUMMET Session Dates

June 2- June 7, 2024: Session I

June 9 – June 14, 2024: Session II

June 23 – June 28, 2024: Session III

On the application, please indicate which week you would like to attend.

Three Step Application Process

1. Click the application button below and submit an application by 11:59 P.M. MST on March 1, 2024.


2. Students must meet a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.3 and upload your current, unofficial high school transcript.

3. Provide answers to each of the short response questions on their application.


Apply Now

Interested in playing sports in college?

Last month, the Eligibility Center hosted a series of webinars. Staff provided overviews of NCAA requirements for high school counselors and administrators and initial-eligibility requirements for student-athletes. Click below for the specific webinar you would like to watch or share.

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