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Seed Library Newsletter

February 2023 - Issue #29

11th Seed Library Summit

Keynote Address - Beata Tsosie-Peña

We are super excited that the presentations are all available. Click the program to find the session recordings. They are all hosted on YouTube. If you like the content, be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe so that other folks can find it.

The videos were edited to remove large pauses so please excuse any hiccups.

Big thanks to the volunteer planning committee!

One Million Seed Savers

We want to support communities to have local seed that is nutritious and genetically diverse and resilient and that reflects the values and traditions of their community. Help us vision. We're going to meet virtually to see how we can inspire one million new seed savers. Join us.

Skillshare: One Seed, One Community

Sunday, March 19

Free, online class


Low seed library return rates? Want to get more people involved in seed saving? Join us for this skillshare on the One Seed, One Community project where the community picks one seed to grow and you walk folks through the process of seed to seed. We plan on having a series of these to create a collaborative group supporting each other through the process.

Are you open?

Help us update our Sister Seed Library list. See if your seed library is on the list and check if the status (mulling or open) is correct. Also let us know if you have multiple branches or you've decided not to open. Fill in this form to help us keep this list up-to-date. The list is organized by country, state/province, then city/town. This list is manually updated so be patient with us.

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