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Postpartum Care Extension (PCE)

Is Here!

Postpartum Coverage is now 365 days

ANY person eligible for pregnancy OR postpartum care services under Medi-Cal and the Medi-Cal Access Program (MCAP) is ENTITLED to 365 days of coverage following birth or end of pregnancy. Coverage INCLUDES ANY medically necessary services, behavioral health services, and covered dental services, REGARDLESS of immigration status. Clients/ Patients/ Providers DO NOT need to request this service, or provide any additional information to receive this service. The coverage is AUTOMATIC and continues until the end of the month of the 365th day following birth or the end of pregnancy.

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Medi-Cal and the Medi-Cal Access Program (MCAP) provide eligible pregnant individuals with medically necessary services during pregnancy and postpartum. Medically necessary prescribed medications, laboratory services, radiology, tobacco cessation services, mental health services, substance use disorder services and dental services as defined in the Medi-Cal Dental Manual of Criteria are among the covered services of the Medi-Cal program during pregnancy and the postpartum period for all pregnant patients.

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Are you pregnant? Been pregnant within the past year (last 365 days?)

Under a new federal law, effective April 1, 2022, a new pregnancy and postpartum benefit may be available to you.

You may be eligible for all services during the pregnancy and for a full year (365 days) after the pregnancy ends (“postpartum period”). This coverage is available through Medi-Cal and the Medi-Cal Access Program (MCAP) regardless of immigration status or how the pregnancy ends. 

Medi-Cal Learning Support:

Explore online training in the Medi-Cal Learning Portal (MLP), an easy to use learning center, offering various types of billing assistance training. You can also bring your questions to your Provider Field Representative, call 800-541-5555 to request a call-back for support.

Medi-Cal Learning Portal

Did you know?

According to MIHA Data 76.9% of birthing persons in Sonoma County with Medi-Cal Insurance reported before delivery that they intended to exclusively breastfeed. By 3 months post partum only 49.6% were still exclusively breastfeeding. The postpartum extension means more support to help birthing persons covered by Medi-Cal meet their breast/chest feeding goals.

Did you know?

Half of all mothers/birthing people living in poverty in California report experiencing a perinatal mood disorder. These disorders can affect a child's bonding and physical, emotional and developmental health; leading to long term financial and social well-being costs. The postpartum extension means increased access to behavioral health supports.

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