District Update from Dr. Wagner
Dear Fairview Families: 

This is the final week of 2020, a year that many will be very happy to see pass.  However, please know that we can’t let our guards down just because we turn the page to a new calendar year… We still have a long way to go before we are anywhere near “back to normal”.  

Here’s one very poignant example:  In response to concerns about holiday gatherings and their impact on the spreading of COVID-19, the CCBH extended its Stay At Home Advisory through Friday, January 15th.  This is one full incubation period beyond New Year’s Eve.  Therefore, Fairview families should plan on remaining in full remote mode (as we were prior to the start of Winter Break) through January 15th.   As always, we will closely monitor the state and local data and hope to return students to classrooms as soon and as safely as possible.  

This is how we will proceed with instructional delivery for the first two weeks of January:

Week of Jan. 4th
Full remote instruction  (Offices reopen with regular work hours)
EEC daycare and school-age care resumes

Week of Jan. 11th
Full remote instruction (All staff return to buildings with regular work hours)

Unfortunately, the 2020 chaos continues for one more day as, at 2:00 p.m. today, Governor DeWine released the following information based on the completion of an Ohio study of COVID-19 transmission in schools, suggesting schools are the safest place for students even during the pandemic when precautions are followed (most importantly, masking), especially when combined with the fact that teachers will soon have access to the vaccine.  
Based on this information, Governor DeWine shared the following updated guidance:

  • No longer recommending that students who are in “close contact” (within 6’ for 15 minutes or more) quarantine as long as all students were wearing masks and exposure took place in a classroom setting
  • Schools should continue to quarantine if masking and social distance protocols have not been followed
  • This change does not apply to after school activities including sports
He noted that the CDC guidance has changed some, but does not yet include this guidance from the state.

This is in direct conflict with the CCBH’s recent extension of the “Stay at Home” Advisory for Cuyahoga County that recommends K-12 schools remain in online learning through January 15th.

Also, the Governor offered no information or timelines regarding when vaccinations will be available for district staff.  THEREFORE, we will follow the CCBH’s recommendation to remain in full remote instruction through the first two weeks of January.

We will seek more information and guidance from the CDC, the Governor’s office, the Ohio Department of Health, and the Cuyahoga County Board of Health during these first two weeks and will plan the best way to move forward from there.

This is a classic example of how the lack of communication between the state and local Boards of Health and the Governor’s Office has been making things extremely difficult for all of us.  Stay tuned!

District Updates will continue on a weekly basis and building and teacher-level communications will also continue to provide more specific information regarding all changes.  Your patience and understanding has never been more needed than it will be over the course of the next few months.  Thank you.

Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! 

Dr. Bill Wagner
Fairview Park City Schools