25 Years of "crazy ideas" that turn into tomorrow's standards
Get ready for the
It's only 12 Days away!

We are "bursting at the seams" to show you what we are bringing to the market!

When: November 11-13, 2019
Where: Morial Convention Center, New Orleans LA
Why: Come witness the introduction of yet another
mind-boggling technological advancement never seen
before in industrial cleaning!
How: Visit us at Booth #422 or visit our colleagues
in the following locations to get friendly with our
tablet-controlled solutions:


Don't forget to attend the Live Demonstrations on Tuesday Nov. 12th at 2pm! A collaborative demonstration hosted by ourselves and our friends at Peinemann will leave you...speechless!
What else?

Terry Gromes, Jr., Automation Specialist, will be teaming up with Hans Borgt of Dow Chemical to present a seminar on "Robotics and Automation" during the Basics and Beyond courses. For more information, click here!
Gary Manack, Abrasive Cutting Specialist, will present a learning session on "Well Abandonment Abrasive Water Cutting" during the Boot Camp sessions. For more information, click here!
For more information on the WJTA Expo, click here .