Merry Christmas!
Dear Friends,

If you are new to our monthly newsletter, welcome! We like to take a little time each month to celebrate each new miracle that is born, and share a family story, and one of our newest blog posts. We hope you enjoy it!

This month our blog is focused on what you can do to help us raise awareness and participation in embryo donation and adoption in 2020.  YOU are our best voice.  

Please read through the blog to get some ideas for how you can help.  

In the early days of 2020 the Snowflakes program will reach 700 babies born.  This is a result of hundreds of placing and adopting families who have applied to the program. There are already more than 40 babies due to be born in 2020. Please pray for those moms and the protection of their pregnancies and successful births.

Our program is successful because of the medical professionals and families who support Snowflakes.  Thank you! 
Embryo Donation: Four Years Later...

Four years ago we were featured in a story for  Pathway2Family magazine . So much has changed in the ensuing years!

Shortly after our chosen adopting family gave birth to Corey, his mother April and I became Facebook friends. At first, it was so strange to see pictures of him with his family. I was still working through the emotions of placing our embryos with another family. Knowing we had a biological child living across the United States who we were not raising was difficult.

Twist on the Twelve Days of Christmas
by Kimberly Tyson, Snowflakes Director

For the past twelve years, I have been working for Nightlight Christian Adoptions. All of my focus has been on raising awareness and participation in embryo donation and adoption. The most discouraging words I hear on any given day are, "I've never heard about this before. You need to be doing more to help people know about this wonderful adoption choice!"

Yes. We do.

Today we are going to focus on our BEST voice for letting other people know, YOU!

Why are you are best voice?

With Thanksgiving we celebrate the births of these Snowflakes babies in November 2019. Rejoice!

We learned about the births of these six Snowflakes babies last month. God is so good to bring each of these lives into our world.  Who knows what each of these precious people will contribute?

D and L welcomed their son
Ryan Daniel, #686
N and E welcomed their son
Ben  #687
J and B welcomed their son,
Malakai, #688
G and A welcomed their son
Michael Francis, #689
P and S welcomed their daughter
Anna Jane, #690
J and J welcomed their daughter
Abigail Michelle, #691

Newest Snowflakes pictures:
Anna can count on having those cheeks kissed and pinched!

Michael reflects on when his next meal is coming!

Abigail will be a great little sister to her 2-year old Snowflakes brother.

Bright eyed Malakai looks at his adoring momma.

Congrats to our excited Snowflakes parents and the placing families who blessed each family with these adorable  gifts of life!

Thank you for reading our monthly Snowflakes Family Newsletter. We're excited to see what new stories God will bring our way each month AND babies who are no longer in frozen storage. 
Your continued prayer and financial support for the Snowflakes program and Nightlight Christian Adoptions are not taken for granted.


The Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Team

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