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Thursday, March 29, 2018
12 Guiding Principles, the Next Generation
News from the Dana Point Harbor Advisory Board:

In 1997 then-Supervisor Tom Wilson formed a task force to plant the seeds for the revitalization of Dana Point Harbor.  In 1998 this task force developed a list of twelve priorities for harbor redevelopment.  These "12 Guiding Principles" laid the foundation for so much of what would follow, and became both a guide to those who would undertake our harbor's renovation, and a shield to protect the early vision for our harbor against periodic efforts to alter it.  The 12 Guiding Principles have remained a foundational document for the past 20 years, often referenced as decisions are made on our harbor's present and future.

Read the rest of this article on the future of the 12 Guiding Principles at the DPHAB website here .

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