Saturday, June 4, 2022
Visitors gather on the third floor of the Bost Building in Homestead for the opening reception of the Flow from the Furnace exhibition on May 20, 2022.
In the Swing of Things

Now that it's June, Rivers of Steel's activities have kicked into high gear. We have tours galore, workshop experiences that you just can't get anywhere else, and a few opportunities to celebrate.

The first of which is a brand new opportunity—our first Iron Casting Spectator Event. We know the process of casting iron isn't for everyone, but watching it happen is a spectacle that is absolutely captivating! Join us for this special event on June 25—tickets are available now.

Next bit of news: our tour offerings have expanded! Industrial Tours of the Carrie Blast Furnaces are now available five days a week, and the Uniquely Pittsburgh Sightseeing Tour on the Explorer riverboat can be booked Thursday through Sunday!

And don't forget about the Arts & Grounds tour and the Iron Garden Walk—two specialty tour opportunities at the Carrie Furnaces.

If you've been meaning to take a trip to the W.A. Young & Sons Foundry and Machine Shop for a guided tour, perhaps you'll want to check out the first Scratch Block Aluminum Casting Session at this National Historic Landmark in northeastern Greene County.

There are a few spots left in our Aluminum Casting Session at Carrie on June 6, as well as for the Doodle Bowl Experience on June 13.

If you've been waiting for the opportunity to explore the international collection of graffiti pieces at Carrie—and want to try spray can artwork for yourself—don't hesitate as there are only a few spots open for the June 12 Graffiti and Style-Writing Tour and Workshop. That said, there are a few more opportunities this season to sign up as well.

And just when I thought this extensive list was complete—there's also a Photo Safari on June 12. Oh yes—and make a date to stop by the Flow from the Furnace exhibition at the Bost Building in Homestead. It's an excellent group show and many works are also for sale.

Let's make this list a baker's dozen! We could use some help from our friends—are you interested in volunteering to help with grounds and maintenance at the Carrie Blast Furnaces? Please consider signing up.
An iron pour at the Carrie Blast Furnaces.
Iron Casting Spectator Event
June 25, 4:00 – 8:00 p.m., Carrie Blast Furnaces
Ever wonder what the process looks like to cast molten iron? Well, here is your chance! Bring some friends to the Carrie Blast Furnaces and watch our Metal Arts crew, along with a team of volunteers and workshop participants, fire up the cupola furnace and melt some iron. Witness a scaled-down version of what took place on site during its peak industrial era, then grab a drink and a bite to eat. 
An Industrial Tour of the Carrie Blast Furnaces.
Rivers of Steel Tours
Discover the artistry and innovation of southwestern Pennsylvania’s rich heritage on a Rivers of Steel tour!

Connect with Pittsburgh’s steel industry heritage when you tour the Carrie Blast Furnaces. See the city from a new perspective when you hop on board the Explorer riverboat. Travel back in time to discover the artistry of handcrafted manufacturing at the Machine Shop. There's always more to explore with Rivers of Steel tours!
Scratch Mold Aluminum Casting Session
Explore the metal casting process and step back in time at W.A. Young & Sons Foundry and Machine Shop! This aluminum casting session includes a mini-tour of the Machine Shop and offers an opportunity to try your hand at the metal-casting process. No experience required!
Aluminum & Iron Casting for All!
Inspired by the legacy of iron-making at the Carrie Blast Furnaces, Rivers of Steel’s Metal Arts program offers educational workshops, public demonstrations, and team-building experiences highlighting foundry work.

Youth and adults can get involved at the novice, intermediate, and experienced skill levels. Participants work hand in hand alongside fellow attendees, Rivers of Steel staff, and visiting artists from across the country, exploring both the industrial and creative aspects of this craft.
Graffiti & Style-Writing Workshop
June 12, 1:00 – 3:30 p.m., Carrie Blast Furnaces
Create your own graffiti-style masterpiece at the Carrie Blast Furnaces! Get hands-on experience with aerosol painting and style-writing techniques. The workshop includes a tour of the graffiti murals onsite and highlights the history and culture of graffiti. 
Photo Safari
June 12, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., Carrie Blast Furnaces
The interplay of light and seasonality at the Carrie Furnaces offers endless perspectives of this industrial muse. Take inspiration from the wide vistas or the delicate details at this National Historic Landmark site. Choose your own adventure on this photo safari!
Rivers of Steel staff and volunteers—join the team!
Rivers of Steel Is Hiring and Seeking Volunteers
Rivers of Steel is expanding our ranks. We are in search of candidates for two full-time positions—a new construction project manager and facilities operations director—and a manager of tourism. Our program staff is expanding, too, so we're in search of a part-time program coordinator.

We are also looking for folks who have some time and energy to help preserve the Carrie Blast Furnaces National Historic Landmark. Might you be that volunteer?
Help preserve our region’s industrial and cultural heritage! Your tax-deductible contribution will help ensure that Rivers of Steel can continue to offer vital, engaging, community-based arts, education, and heritage programs for the residents of southwestern Pennsylvania and beyond.