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As you probably know, I believe in the effectiveness of email marketing primarily because I’ve seen it work. Not only can you develop leads, but your brand is in front of your prospects and clients every time you send an email. The article below talks about using a strategy with your content and direction.


One of the mistakes that non-writers typically make when writing content to engage their social media followers is writing too formally. The days of formal business writing are all but gone. Today, clients and prospects want you to speak to them as if you were talking to them personally. The article below describes this well.


There’s more important information in all of these articles. Please take a look.


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Content Series Guide: Turn One Idea Into a Fascinating 4-Part Story

What is a content series?

A content series is essentially a story that evolves over multiple blog posts. They can help you build an audience interested in your niche and they’re especially useful if you want to write a tutorial that breaks down a large topic. The content series allows you to teach one aspect of the tutorial at a time, so it’s easier for your reader to learn...Read More>>>

Copyright Guidance Gives Content Marketers an Easy Decision on AI vs. Human Content

Most relevant AI news for marketers

But the most interesting news for short-term content marketing strategies came from guidance issued by the U.S. Copyright Office. It clarifies what constitutes ownable content – the work must be created by a human (as has always been the case.) Thus, anything authored or created by generative AI tools cannot be protected by copyright laws. So, if you create content using an AI generator, you (or your brand) do not own that creation....Read More>>>

Write Like You Talk: 12 Tips for Conversational Content

Rumor has it that your brand’s content must be dryer than sand to attract interested readers.

But is that your high school English teacher whispering in your ear?

Well, it’s time we free our minds and liberate our pens.

Because the truth is that our content is a conversation with our readers.

As Donald M. Murray once said, “Effective writing should be conversational.”

That said, let’s talk...


B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B Marketing Plans

Marketing Pathways can develop a complete B2B marketing strategy for your business that will gain attention, create buzz, and create sales leads.

B2B Market Research...

LinkedIn Analytics: How to Know What Works

How to Identify Relevant LinkedIn KPIs and Metrics for B2B

Between your organization’s website, LinkedIn company page, and employee profiles, you’ll find countless marketing metrics to measure. So how do you know which are truly relevant to your LinkedIn marketing efforts and which are merely vanity metrics?

When you run LinkedIn ads, Campaign Manager automatically highlights key results and cost per result, as in the example below. But what happens when you want to dig deeper into your data—or when you prioritize organic campaigns instead?...Read More>>>

Email Marketing Strategy: Cultivating Prospects With Content

Why Email Marketing Still Rules

Email marketing gets a bad rap these days. Some people dismiss every marketing email they get as spam. 

Let’s be truthful, now. A lot of the emails we get are spam. But there are useful, entertaining, and valuable ones in the mix, too.

What’s more, they can deliver a seriously impressive return on investment.....Read More>>>


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