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ADVANCING HANDTOOLS: 12 Tips on Using a Shoulder Plane

SHOUT-OUT: Get Woodworking Week, 2/15-21


Tom Iovino of Tom's Workbench
and other members of the exuberant online woodworking community spearhead Get Woodworking Week.

For instance, blogger Mike Mader, known for his SawDustNewbie woodworking blog published a fun and useful DIY how-to video:

SawdustNewbie.com: Video 6 - Knick Knack Shelf
Thanks Mike Mader, SawDustNewbie!
                                        -- Linda at Hock Tools 

Also, I lifted the following from Tom's Workbench. It gives you a much better picture of Get Woodworking Week
than I ever could. 

Take it away, Tom:


Just as the time to start planning for hazardous weather is right now, it's also time to start planning for our annual event Get Woodworking Week!

Just as we have in years past, this is the one week during the year when we in the woodworking community seek out those who may be on the fence and share our stories, lessons, know how, expertise and enthusiasm for the craft to get them into the game.
What am I looking for? Well, I need your help. I need each of you on your blogs, in your guilds, in your shops - to help spread the word about woodworking. Find someone to invite into your shop to pass on a skill to. Build a project to give someone. Pass some woodworking magazines on to some folks who are looking to get into the craft.
If you do something Get Woodworking Week related, be sure to let me know, and I'll list it here on my blog in order to help folks find out more about what you are doing.
                    --Tom Iovino,
                      Tom's Workbench 

Ron's Blog & Get Woodworking Week

As you may know, Ron Hock writes
The Sharpening Blog. In his February 11, 2015 post, Ron brought basic sharpening tips, including what it is to be scary scarp, from his book,
Let's get involved! Bring woodworking to a friend, a young person who could use the thrill and the confidence, a woodworker who could use that special nudge to get back in the shop... this classic 2012 video from Mike Morton might inspire you, as well as put a smile on...

Get Woodworking 2012
And so it begins! Mike Morton's
  Get Woodworking Week 2012 video.
Ron from Book 
Ron Hock
Where we live in Fort Bragg, CA - on the Mendocino Coast, winter is known as the slow time of year. But here at Hock Tools, we are as busy as ever! And, although we've had a few power outages that turned our lights and computers off for us, I have kept busy either fixing our or the neighbors' generators, water heaters, and whatever else I can do while I cannot answer the phone.

I know it's a few days in, but let's remember that this is Get Woodworking Week. Please see the shout-out to the left where woodworking bloggers Tom Iovino, Mike Mader and Mike Morton go a long way to explain this week of champions.

Below, in Advancing Handtools, Isaac Fisher, the fine woodworker who helps design and makes all of our kits, offers his 12 tips for using a shoulder plane. Short, informative - I think you will find it useful.
That is it for now. Hope your winter is finding you safe, warm, and finding plenty of shop time. If you need anything from Hock Tools, please let me know.

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A D V A N C I N G 
H A N D T O O L S:
Isaac Fisher's 12 Tips on How to Use a Shoulder Plane

Isaac Fisher demonstrates shoulder plane techniques.

Isn't it vexing when you have  worked on a corner but it  lacks the acute definition you 

In these few slides Isaac Fisher takes you through using a shoulder plane made
from the Hock Tools Shoulder Plane Kit, 
the shoulder plane that's in your corner.

You will see in these 12 easy tips how your shoulder plane helps you make those minor adjustments that produce a
keen-edged, sharp and clean 
Link to PDFs

Definitely a simple, affordable, 
and fun way to add a shoulder plane 
to your tool kit...

The Hock Tools Shoulder Plane Kit is precision-made from beech and bubinga for beauty, performance and durability. This easy-to-assemble kit requires only a drill for the locator dowels, some glue and clamps, and a bit of your shaping and fine tuning to complete. 

The bevel-down blade is bedded at 37.5 � for low-angle end-grain planing. Plus, our high-carbon, 3/16"x 3/4" wide Tee Blade is already included. 
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