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April 11, 2019
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Religions take the cast and hue of the cultures in which they find root. This was certainly true in Tibet when Buddhism arrived in the 7th century. It transformed and was transformed by the native religion of Bon. Of the many creative practices that arose from this synthesis, Tibetan Buddhist music ranks very highly in importance.

As in sacred music in the West, Tibetan music has complex systems of musical notation and a long history of written religious song. A vital component of Tibetan Buddhist musical notation allows for the transference of sacred sound and ceremony across generations. A means to memorize sacred text, express devotion, ward off feral spirts, and invoke deities.

Some of these features may be alien to secular Western Buddhists focused on mindfulness and silent meditation, but to varying degrees, Tibetan schools place considerable value on the aesthetic experience of extra-human realms. The use of sacred sound in Tibetan Mantrayana Buddhism acts as a formula for the transformation of human consciousness.
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The only unusual thing about this guitar is that it is a Martin electric from the 1960s and has stayed relatively unknown since its introduction in 1966. Its shape is rather elegant, with easy, understated flowing lines. Except for the immortal Skip Spence from the amazing '60s San Francisco psychedelic band Moby Grape, no guitarist of any real note is known for playing one of these sweethearts, which is probably why the GT-75 was destined for obscurity. 

And now, with tens of thousands of votes cast, we're ready to reveal your picks for the 50 best bassists ever to don a four-string - or derivative thereof. We're not just talking pure technical skill here; it's as much about who wrote the catchiest basslines, played the smoothest licks and lent the greatest contributions to their respective recordings and bands. So, without further ado, in reverse order, we present the greatest bassists of all time...
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Back in January, Fender unveiled the fruits of its highly-anticipated collaboration with Jimmy Page, the Jimmy Page Signature Telecaster. The guitar embodies the multiple looks of Page's actual Telecaster, which was gifted to him by Jeff Beck in 1966. Now, Fender has released a neat animated video-narrated by Page himself-detailing the history of the "Dragon" guitar.
Led Zeppelin's "Rock & Roll"

There exist far too many variations of Jimmy Page's 12-bar intro figure from Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll" to single out just one wrong way to play it. And that's understandable, considering how many live versions are in circulation, and that the original studio version featured multiple overdubs. But if you want the real deal for one-man playability, here it is.
  Modulation is one of the most popular types of effects for use with guitar, but there's a problem of sorts - there are a lot of different types of modulation. Another potential issue is trying to get everything synchronized. Tap tempo-equipped pedals can help here, but there are still serious challenges getting multiple effects in sync. EHX have once again come up with a really clever solution to both of these issues with their powerful Mod Rex Polyrhythmic Modulator pedal.

For nearly 35 years, Steve Howe has been at the forefront of guitarists in popular music. Actually, simply referring to Howe as a just a guitarist is limiting. In addition to being a songwriter, he plays more instruments than just the guitar. If it has strings and a fretboard, Howe has mastered it and recorded with it at some point on one of countless albums he's been a part of as a group member, solo artist and special guest. https://www.guitarplayer.com/players/steve-howes-10-greatest-yes-solos 

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