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 August 27, 2020
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Surf rock , with its "wavy guitar sounds" and rollicking beats are a musical onomatopoeia for the thrills of a sun-drenched sport.

The song, a 12-bar blues driven by Ron Wilson's drum solo.

The Surfaris formed in 1962 while the members of the band were still in high school. They played teen dances and talent shows, and by January the following year, they had an original, "Surfer Joe."

We met at a place in the California desert called Cucamonga, and recorded Surfer Joe.

A 45 requires a B side, but they had not written another song so Ronnie started playing the famous Wipe Out solo and in about 10 minutes we had the song together.

They added a gimmick introduction, a broken plaster soaked board close to the mic, a laugh, and screamed wipe out.

The tape went to Hollywood, and by July 1963 it was #2 on the Billboard top 100.

They were soon touring Japan, Australia, and the U.S. with Roy Orbison, The Beach Boys, the Righteous Brothers, and The Ventures!
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I wanted to release this now because it fits the moment. A time where we all need a happy song for an unhappy time. Musically, the song is absolutely influenced by my growing up in the Sixties, inspired by some of my favorite elements of the repertoire that defined that indelible era. And, Ringo, what can I say...

If you're locked away in a basement for eight hours a day with a metronome and a torturous practice book you're still not assured of transcendent six-string skills. Sure, you might get stenographer-like dexterity and harmonic book-smarts up the f-hole, but playing soul-shaking music often requires a more diverse skill set.
Choosing a vintage amp often depends on whether you are buying for collecting or playing. Will you play at home or with a band? Will you play small clubs or stadiums? Are you more concerned about originality or reliability? A pristine, mint-condition amp with 100 percent original parts may be fine for playing in the studio, but it may not be the best choice for gigging, as parts and cosmetic appearance can quickly wear out from consistent use and abuse.
Throughout his 50-plus-year career, Robin Trower has often been pegged as a psychedelic blues guitarist. He takes issue with that description. The psychedelic thing is a flavor I've used from time to time. But I really consider myself a rock and roll player who's heavily influenced by the blues. I would say that the blues is really the alphabet for the language of rock and roll, but I can't call myself a blues player. But I do my best with what I've got.

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