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December 28, 2017
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Taking Care of
Vinyl Records

From the first album I ever bought, I took care of my records. I handled them properly. I had a brush that I would use to brush the record before playing it. I did not play a record that had dust on it. The dust did not get ground into the grooves.

I never had a record changer for LPs. I always had a turntable. It was an incredibly expensive turntable. In terms of today's money, it probably cost me about $800. I was an idiot to spend that much, but my records remained unscratched.

The cartridge played well at 3 grams of pressure. That was far less than most commercial record players in the late 1950's. Even today, 2 grams is just about it. Cartridges don't play much lighter than this. This meant that the grooves of the records were not damaged.

I always used a diamond stylus. It lasted a long time. It retained its curved shape. I occasionally bought a new cartridge, which meant a new stylus.

I still have my old records, I sure wish I had my old ears back. 
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Having a well-suited guitar stool helps you as a guitarist in a number of ways: It makes it easier to hold the guitar in a playable position. It's more comfortable to play for longer periods. You're able to interact with a recording studio desk or other gear. It physically lifts your body, freeing your diaphragm for better singing technique while you play. Other than that, it's really about preference and knowing the environment you'll be playing in.
There's really not much more to add. Since we covered a whole lot of new gear stories in 2017, which really kicked off during the 2017 Winter NAMM Show in January. So, let's get right to it. Here are the top 10 reader favorite bass amp stories for the year.

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Finnish band called Steve'n'Seagulls plays AC/DC's classic song called Thunderstruck. Amazing instrumentation, arrangement, and harmonies. This redneck AC/DC is just awesome... and it don't get anymore heavy metal than playing an anvil ~
In this video Cory explains how he nails those quick, syncopated-sounding guitar licks by turning his right hand, essentially, from bone to cartilage. By loosening the muscles in his right hand, letting it shake totally relaxed, and keeping a light touch, he's able to get those really fast and funky chord hits.
First designed by one S. Tamura in the late '70s, the Ibanez Tube Screamer is arguably the most beloved of overdrive pedals. It's been rocked by guitar greats as diverse as Eric Johnson, Trey Anastasio, and Brad Paisley, and some would go as far as saying no single pedal has had a greater impact on musical expression or played as important a role in the development of effects modification.
Redefining the look of traditional bass players, Ryan Madora is currently lighting up the Nashville music scene with old school soul and blues inspired grooves. After graduating from New York University with a B.M. in Music Business, Ryan began her career as a player in her hometown of Philadelphia. After a few years playing in different projects, teaching lessons and ensembles, and traversing the tri-state area, she decided to shift gears. In early 2012, Ryan packed up the car, threw the basses in the back, and made the move to Nashville. 

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