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February 15, 2019
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As all schoolchildren know, we hear with our ears. And as all schoolchildren also probably know, we hear with our brains - or if they don't know it, at least they must suspect it, given the way sounds around us seem to turn without effort into thoughts in our heads. But how? It's the interface between ear and brain where things get more complicated, but "Odyssey of the Ear," makes it much clearer just how sound gets through our ears and into our brains.

According to this video, the process works something like this. Our outer ear collects sounds from our environment when things vibrate in the physical world, producing variations in air pressure, or "sound waves" that pass through the air.

The sound waves enter the ear and pass down through the auditory canal, at the end of which they hit the ear drum. The ear drum transfers the vibrations of the sound waves to a "series of little bones," three of them, called the ossicles, or "hammer, anvil, and stirrup." These transmit the sounds to the fluid-filled inner ear through a membrane called the "oval window."

Inside the inner ear is the snail-shaped organ known as the cochlea, and inside the cochlea is the organ of corti, and inside the organ of corti are "thousands of auditory hair cells," actually receptor neurons called stereocilia, that "convert the motion energy of sound waves into electrical signals that are communicated to the auditory nerve." From there, "the signal goes into structures deeper in the brain, until at last it reaches the auditory cortex, where we consciously experience sound."  
That conscious experience of sound may make it feel as if we immediately recognize and consider all the noises, voices, or music we hear, but as "Odyssey of the Ear" reveals, sound waves have to make quite an epic journey before they reach our brains at all. At that point the waves themselves may have dissipated, but they live on in our consciousness. In other words, "the brain has taken what was outside and mad e it inside."
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Guitar players have a hard time with change. They don't take to a wholesale revamping of classic designs. Still, innovation is coming to the world of guitars just the same. Some changes emerge as companies seek to improve their products, but other changes are simply born of necessity. Here's what to expect in the near future from both varieties of disruption.  

The GS Mini Bass offers players a remarkably inviting small-scale acoustic bass that's compact, lightweight and ultra-comfortable on the hands. This bass is impressive for its ability to create natural-sounding bass notes despite a condensed 23-1/2-inch scale length. Together with a patented dual-prong bridge pin design and ES-B onboard electronics, the bass not only sounds great but also yields a slinky feel.
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This video  is amazing! Watch this guy build a telecaster style guitar out of 1200 colored pencils.
11 Tips For Efficient Band Practice

Many of us have experienced less than efficient band rehearsals. Sometimes it seems like you can spend hours and hours at practice yet nothing really seems to get accomplished, and the band never seems to get any better. There are some common reasons behind inefficient band practice sessions, but they all have common-sense solutions. Here are a few tips for making more effective use of your band rehearsal time so you'll get more accomplished, and hopefully become a better, tighter band.
The TremLord 30 is a very British take on the 1950s amplifier. The 30-watt, 1x12 all valve combo boasts two 12AT7 tubes and three 12AX7 tubes in the preamp section and four EL84 tubes output tubes. It eatures  a built-in valve tremolo with two footswitchable speeds, a two-spring reverb tank, post-tremolo FX loop and an Italian-designed Lavoce 12-inch speaker. There's also a "Headroom to Bedroom" switch, which makes it possible to shift the TremLord between 30/15 watts and 2/1 watts.

Nick Movshon is an active session bass player. From the mid-2000's on, Movshon has performed with Bruno Mars, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and has been a frequent call for the Black Keys. Featured on sessions with some of the greatest voices and producers in pop and R&B, he brings a retro feel with a fresh touch to the flourishing world of modern soul music. 

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