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February 2, 2017
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At age 9, Russian musician Dmitry Shostakovich (1906-1975) was already a music prodigy.

By the age of 13, Shostakovich had devoted his life to music.

Unfortunately, the prodigy's promising career was cut short as Joseph Stalin deemed Dmitry's works contradicted with "correct Soviet form."

The composer was later hailed by authorities as a true Soviet artist who had turned away from his previous 'erroneous' ways.

However, he was condemned again in 1948 for formalism and was forced to repent in public. From then on, his works were officially banned.

Today Dmitry Shostakovich is recognised as one of the most celebrated composers of the 20th century.

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Fender announced the launch of its 2017 Fender Limited Edition Exotic Collection at last week's Winter 2017 NAMM Show. The Exotic Collection includes expanded offerings for some of Fender's most-popular electric instruments: American Professional, American Elite and American Vintage models-all built with a variety of unique tonewoods, such as rescued mahogany, shedua, Malaysian blackwood and reclaimed pine.
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In the premiere episode of Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of Tone, a new AT&T original documentary series, blues legend Buddy Guy and his historic career are highlighted. In this clip, Buddy shares the story behind the first time he saw an electric guitar, played by Lighting Slim in his hometown of Louisiana.

The Bridge is the body-end termination point for your strings' speaking length, and their vibration needs to pass through the bridge to get into the tonewood in the body. Therefore, the quality of the body's resonance is going to be in great part determined by the composition and quality of the bridge (and tailpiece, if they are separate units). For that reason, the bridge is an essential link in the tone chain, ranking right up there with... 

Dumble Overdrive Special

Dumble amplifiers are the one-man product of Alexander Dumble, who got his start in the mid Sixties when, while still in his teens, he was commissioned by Mosrite to build amps for surf-rock hit-makers the Ventures. Since then, he has built his own amplifiers, including the Overdrive Special, on a special-order basis. Only about 300 exist, but don't worry... I found you one!
A few years ago, I was trying to figure out if audio resolution was a perceptible thing or just a bunch of baloney, so I invited some teenagers over. I played songs they had chosen in three different formats: CD, MP3, and vinyl. They had no opinions about the sound quality, and were weirded out by the equipment. After fifteen minutes, the girl turned and said, "Wow." Maybe a spatial relationship had been sensed, frequencies detected. Nope. "This is the first time I've ever listened to music without doing something else," she clarified!
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