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January 17, 2019
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Welcome to The Garden of Earthly Delights.

You'll find no angelic strings here.

Those are reserved for first class citizens whose virtuous lives earned them passage to the uppermost heights.

Down below, stringed instruments produce the most hellish sort of cacophony, a fitting accompaniment for the horn whose bell is befouled with the arm of a tortured soul.

How do we know that's what they sounded like?

A group of musicologists, craftspeople and academics took it upon themselves to actually build the instruments depicted in Hieronymus Bosch's action-packed triptych-the hell harp, the violated lute, the grossly oversized hurdy-gurdy...

...And then they played them.

Let us hope they stopped shy of shoving flutes up their bums. (Such a placement might produce a sound, but not from the flute's golden throat).

The Bosch experiment added ten more instruments to the museum's already impressive, over-1000-strong collection of woodwinds, percussion, and brass, many from the studios of esteemed makers, some dating all the way back to the Renaissance.

Unfortunately, the new additions don't sound very good. "Horrible" and "painful" are among the adjectives used to describe the aural fruits of his team's months-long labors.

Might we assume Bosch would have wanted it that way?
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Alder and Ash. These woods have traditionally made up the body of the Fender Stratocaster. Crayola colored pencils? They were never part of the mix ... at least until now. This nine minute video will take you through the making and playing of the Crayola Strat, from start to finish. Aficionados, feel free to argue over the tonal qualities of this new fangled creation.   

It's been 20 years since Ibanez introduced a signature model from bass guru Gary Willis, and they're celebrating with an anniversary edition. The GWB20TH has the same feature Willis is known for - a fretless fingerboard, a finger ramp, and specially shaped machine heads - with several unique features like a basswood body and an ash top in a Tequila Sunrise flat finish.
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Tone Note Music Method for Bass is 3 books in one volume and is perfect for the bass beginner of any age. The first book is the Method Book. It contains the core material. The second book is the Rhythm Book which presents the rhythms from the method book but in a more condensed manner. The third book is the Song Book. The song book contains the melody and harmony of 34 tunes. Tone Note presents it's material in a gradual connect-the-dots fashion which allows the learner to absorb the material at a more realistic pace and gives the necessary time needed to develop technique. There is no CD with the song book, instead, there is a free online 12 Tone Music Player that allows you to play along. - Ty Campbell, Bass Frontiers

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Watch Rick Beato discuss the guitar, and the players, between 1929-1969 that every serious guitarist should know about. This comprehensive guide covers Classical, Blues, Jazz, Country and Rock & Roll styles.    
Manny's and Old Yellow

Manny's Music was a leading New York music retailer for over six decades, epitomizing both the glory and the grind of the music biz. Famous for its Wall of Fame of signed photos, Manny's was also home to a guitar called "Old Yellow." Old Yellow was the unofficial "tryout" guitar at Manny's: all customers, from average Joes to ex-Beatles, were required to play it when testing out amps or effects. Today Old Yellow carries a tag that reads, in part: "This guitar has seen more action than a Quentin Tarantino movie!"
You know that bad dream, where you show up on the day of the big test and realize that it's about something you've never even heard of? Well, guitarists have a similar phobia: You step on a pedal, but instead of boosted gain or lush delay trails, you're treated to silence. Today, we'll look at five of the most common problems that affect stompboxes.
Bruce Forman developed his bebop chops over the decades he spent playing alongside jazz legends such as Ray Brown, Bobby Hutcherson and Roger Kellaway. These days, he employs those skills in his straight-ahead jazz trio as well as with his western swing band, Cow Bop, and Junkyard Duo, where he plays National steel guitar alongside a drummer who bangs found objects. Forman also has a podcast, Guitar Wank, which he cohosts with jazz-fusion guitarist Scott Henderson.

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