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July 20, 2017
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On any given weekend, in any part of the state where you live, you could find yourself standing in a room full of knives. A local gun and knife show is a very niche kind of experience indeed.

However, that's not so in some other weapons expos, like the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England where everyone, from the most warlike to the staunchest of pacifists, stands in awe at the intricate ornamentation and incredibly deft craftsmanship on display in the suits of armor, lances, shields, and lots and lots of knives.

This article looks at an unusual kind of 16th century knifes, meant for the table, not the battlefield, offers "insight into that harmonious, audible aspect of family devotions," prayer and song.

Image courtesy of the Fitzwilliam Museum ~ Johan Oosterman
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They're just wire and magnets, right? Well...yes, but there's a lot more to the story than that. A pickup change can give an entirely different sound and vibe, but you need to understand what goes into making pickups so you can choose the right solution for the sound you want. So, let's examine what makes a pickup a pickup, and what these various elements mean to you. 
The 50th Anniversary International Society of Bassists Convention that took place June 5-10 in beautiful Ithaca, New York. Convention host and Ithaca College double bass professor Nicholas Walker put together a stellar roster of talent and presented the last half-century of bass playing tremendously well. With nearly 1500 attendees and countless concerts, sessions, exhibitors, and clinics, it was easy to become overwhelmed.

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This page links to free classical guitar lessons, tutorials, and more. It is a free curriculum created to help guide students through the learning process. Many of the lessons are from professional guitarists from all around the world while some of the more specific curriculum lessons are by your host, Bradford Werner who teaches classical guitar at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, in Victoria, BC, Canada.
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

For more than 20 years, the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver has become a staple for players across genres. It has inspired pedal tinkerers, builders, and even its own parent company to make the humble overdrive even better.  The BD-2 has earned its place in the stompbox hall of fame thanks to the ways it continues to inspire new and creative applications. What follows is the story of the humble BD-2 and some usable examples of how this Boss classic can sound fresh on any pedalboard.
2017 marks 30 years since bassist extraordinaire Charnett Moffett burst onto the scene with his Blue Note debut, Net Man. Barely 20 years old but already drawing attention for his virtuosic but soulful contributions to seminal recordings by Wynton Marsalis and Stanley Jordan, Moffett immediately staked out his position as one of the leading voices of his generation, uniquely adept at juggling tradition and innovation, explosive freedom and deep-pocket swing, with a fleet but muscular sound that remains instantly identifiable. 

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