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July 25, 2019
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Twelve Tones
by Vi Hart

Victoria Hart was born in 1988, and is commonly known as Vi Hart.

She is a self-described "recreational mathemusician" who is well known for creating mathematical videos on YouTube.

Hart founded the virtual reality research group eleVR and has co-authored several research papers on computational geometry and the mathematics of paper folding.

Hart won the 2018 Communications Award of the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics for "entertaining, thought-provoking mathematics and music videos on YouTube that explain mathematical concepts through doodles".

Hart is the child of mathematical sculptor George W. Hart, and received a degree in music at Stony Brook University. Hart identifies as "gender agnostic".

Hart's career as a mathematics popularizer began in 2010 with a video series about "doodling in math class".  
After these recreational mathematics videos - which introduced topics like fractal dimension - grew popular, Hart was featured in The New York Times and on National Public Radio, eventually gaining the support of the Khan Academy and making videos for the educational site as their "Resident Mathemusician".  
Many of Hart's videos combined mathematics and music, such as "Twelve tones", which was called "deliriously and delightfully profound" by Salon.
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In the pop music world, Alan Rogan carried a certain star power all his own. He was a much-sought-after British guitar technician who worked for some of the biggest names in rock. But of all the tasks he was hired to do, none was as unusual or as difficult as the one he had as a fixture in the entourage of the Who. For decades it was his job to repair the expensive electric guitars that the band's leader, Pete Townshend, smashed onstage.
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On the vast majority of acoustic guitars, the top is strengthened and supported by wood bracing on the underside, most prominent of which is an X-shaped brace that is flanked by a series of smaller braces. X-bracing has been used by Martin since the mid 1800s, and this evolution from previous ladder bracing made it possible to create stronger tops that could handle the increased stress of steel strings, and ultimately allow the development of guitars such as Martin's powerful D-28 and, later, 14-fret OM models.

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Yes, three 'O's. As Lady Gaga's bassist Jonny Goood tells us, it's all about the mind, the body and the soul. This session bass star tells us how he went from homeless to Super Bowl Half-time performer. There's really no wrong way to rock out with Lady Gaga! 

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