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 June 11, 2020
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The battle between content creators and copyright holders is hardly a new one, but it seems to be picking up steam.

From a guitar perspective, one of the bright lights in these quarantine times has been the proliferation of famous artists, from Queen's Brian May to Kiss's Paul Stanley, showing how to play their own songs (not to mention groups of musicians getting together to jam on Rush and AC/DC tunes) on electric guitar.

But the YouTube guitar community has always loved demonstration and playthough videos, and an entire industry of content creators dedicated to producing educational clips on how to play various songs and styles has developed over the years.

Traditionally, content creators have argued that they're covered by Fair Use laws when it comes to using small pieces of copyrighted music.

But copyright holders don't always feel the same, and have targeted videos, and sometimes entire channels, for takedown.
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This Martin is truly special, and to have such a progressive acoustic-electric drop virtually out of the blue from America's most historic guitar manufacturer is like having a Tesla suddenly roll off the line at Ford. The SC-13E represents a totally new shape and style, with all sorts of innovative features, including a cavernous cutaway and a revolutionary neck attachment. 
There has never been a better time to buy one of the best bass guitars for a number of reasons, but chiefly because the choice has never been better and there are deals aplenty to be had. Whether you're looking for a funkifiable four-string bass to put some bounce in your slap, or a more understated instrument for old-school jazz fingerstyle, there is no shortage of options - and, crucially, options at all price points.

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Vai gave himself some parameters to work within: use a Strat style guitar, a very clean tone, no whammy bar, and no pick, just fingers. Steve also had this idea for a technique that he called "joint shifting." This is where you bend a note while fretting another but with a combination of double and triple stop single note bends while fretting other notes and releasing bends.    

Tommy Emmual says: Don't let your instrument dictate your writing. Guitar players will immediately fall into patterns if we let ourselves. Songwriting is a different thing entirely. As an instrumentalist, I have to figure out how to convey a story without words to the listener, so therefore it's important to avoid clutter. Just tell the story. Don't fill every millisecond of every song. Leave space so the audience can fill in the gaps with their own imagination.
The R7 features seven unique digital reverb effects based on brand-new algorithms. It comes loaded with traditional Room, Hall, Spring and Plate reverbs, but also caters to more adventurous players with its Church, Cave and Mod settings. These are controlled by level, decay and pre-delay knobs, plus a dedicated high and low-cut EQ. The pedal also features buffered bypass and storable presets.
She is the most widely heard, yet least known bass player of the last 50 years of rock music. She was a member of  the Wrecking Crew and played on more hit records than any other bass player. Carol Kaye should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame!  

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