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 June 25, 2020
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In the mid-1960s, many members of the Baby Boomer generation, myself included, began wearing bell-bottom pants, growing our hair long, and fighting the rising tide of conformity to avoid being pigeonholed into jobs that wouldn't bring us satisfaction and fulfillment.

Perhaps one of the most popular tomes for our do-it-yourself cohort was The Whole Earth Catalog, which was published in a few evolving editions between 1968 and 1972. Compiled and edited by Stewart Brand (who also played a role in the computer think tank that inspired Steve Jobs), this impressive phone-book-like publication preceded the internet-in fact it was our internet!

The catalog provided access to the tools and resources needed to do just about anything, from building geodesic domes to motorcycle maintenance.

In the middle of the last edition, I landed upon a section on musical instrument making-harpsichords, thumb pianos, mountain dulcimers!-a letter from Gurian Guitars, a Stewart-MacDonald banjo parts catalog for 25 cents, and Irvine Sloane's book Classic Guitar Construction.

Big deal, you say.

Well, it was a big deal.
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The first piezo-equipped guitar in the company's SE Series, the Hollowbody II Piezo is built with a maple top and back with mahogany sides. The guitar features an ebony fretboard, with 22 frets, a 25" scale length and PRS' trademark bird inlays. The guitar packs 58/15 "S" pickups and an LR Baggs/PRS Piezo system. These are controlled by two volume knobs - magnetics and piezo - and two output jacks - mix/piezo and magnetics. 
The Big Sister Crossroads features a chambered body built with a three-piece mahogany back and book-matched figured maple top. Its one-piece mahogany neck is accented with an Indian rosewood fingerboard. B&G fits it with a pair of Aguilar AG 4SD-D1 pickups as well as the same solid brass bridge used on their Private Build series.

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To rearrange the third movement from Debussy's Suite bergamasque is kind of a challenge. To transform the music from piano to guitar is a retelling. I think you succeeded. And you are telling a wonderful story worth listening to. Your sound is great, your way of changing sound is amazing and your performance great. 5 Hearts from me. Great work Roxane Elfasci

Hey, there are no guitars in this video. that's nice. Anyway, check out 100 Bass Riffs. i t's a brief and fun history of groove performed on bass and drums by Marc Najjar of CME and Nate Bauman of Reverb.com. This video was shot in one take. And unlike the real version of Bob Marley's "Stir It Up," this bass is in tune!
The Dyna Red Distortion 4K is a multi-purpose and highly adaptable distortion stompbox. If you want to have complete control of a wide range of heavy gain, the Dyna Red 4K will give you all that you desire. Its dynamic qualities means it works as well with solid-state amps as it does tube amps.
Over the course of his 40-year recording career, Robert Cray has forged a sophisticated blues-soul sound that is timeless. Even when it's hewed to the roots of the Memphis soul scene, his recordings have been imbued with the sound of Stax and Hi Records. For his latest release, the guitarist has taken a different tack by paying tribute to the sound of Sam Cooke's late-'50s/early '60s soul, R&B and gospel records.

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