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 June 04, 2020
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Consider the influence of television, even in the digital age. Consider the power that networks like Fox and CNN continue to wield over that nebulous thing called public opinion; the continued dominance of NBC and CBS. These giants don't really inform so much as sell packaged ideological content paid for and approved by corporate sponsors. There's really no need to update poet and musician Gil Scott-Heron's radical, 1971 classic "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," unless we wanted to change the names. His voice still speaks directly to the moment we live in.

We exist on a continuum of conditions that have worsened since the late 1960s-despite promises and appearances to the contrary-until they have become intolerable. Scott-Heron wrote and sang about those conditions since his fiery 1970 debut. "Dubbed the 'Godfather of Rap,'" notes Brooklyn Rail in a 2007 interview, "Scott-Heron has become a ubiquitous and practically de rigueur influence for everyone from hip hoppers and indie rockers to aging literati and dyed-in-the-wool academics."

One might think Scott-Heron's classic spoken-word testament "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" speaks for itself by now, but it still creates confusion in part because people still misconstrue the nature of the medium. Why can't you sit at home and watch journalists cover protests and revolts on TV? If you think you're seeing "the Revolution" instead of curated, maybe spurious, content designed to tell a story and gin up views, you're fooling yourself.

Scott-Heron had something else in mind-you can't see the revolution on TV because you can't see it at all. He says the following in a 1990s interview:

The first change that takes place is in your mind. You have to change your mind before you change the way you live and the way you move. The thing that's going to change people is something that nobody will ever be able to capture on film. It's just something that you see and you'll think, "Oh I'm on the wrong page," or "I'm on I'm on the right page but the wrong note. And I've got to get in sync with everyone else to find out what's happening in this country."
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The arrival of the transistor ushered in a new age of miniaturized electronics in the early 1960s. Everything, from radios to calculators, began to shrink in size. Teisco took advantage of miniaturization by sticking a one-watt battery-powered amp in a guitar. Its low price point and major distribution network put the TRG-1 in the hands of many.  
The Empathy Bass is crafted from an alder body with flamed maple and katalox on top to create the graphic. Its hard maple neck sports a katalox fingerboard with 24 jumbo frets. Rybski fitted it with EMG PJAX pickups and a three-band, 18-volt preamp complete with parametric mids and a kill switch. Hipshot hardware ties it all together.

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 Guitar Fretboard Facts      
Written by GRAMMY-Nominated Music Educator Mike Overly. Guitar Fretboard Facts is a collection of 38 powerful guitar lessons designed to illustrate and connect the thoughts and ideas presented in Guitar EncycloMedia. What is presented in this book would take years and years and hundreds if not thousands of dollars of guitar lessons to obtain. And unless your teacher is Mike Overly you may not even get this information. - Chris Bereznay, Music Gear Review
" Bass Fretboard Facts is the perfect companion to Bass EncycloMedia. It is written with cool analysis and prophetic vision and has given me a most profound revelation! I am certain that Mike Overly's teachings will have a most significant effect on any bass player who studies them. It is an important contribution to those who think and play bass." - Marshall "Rock" Jones, The Ohio Players.

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Cecilio Perera plays Lachrimæ Pavane (Flow my Tears) by John Dowland (1563-1626) on a replica Renaissance lute made by Renatus Lechner. Recorded in Salzburg, Austria. Lachrimæ, or Seven Tears is part of a set of variations on a theme by Dowland outlining different types of tears. Perera has a nice flowing pulse and arched phrasing here. Plus, that ominous statue!     

Citing the strategies he uses while improvising during live performances of his most famous track, "Cliffs of Dover," Johnson gives more insight into the construction of that song, while also offering a crucial tip for guitarists who might feel stuck in their leads. He says, one of the most important things that you can do for all types of music on the guitar is to learn all the notes on the fretboard, of every string!
The Fender MTG Tube Tremolo utilizes a US-made NOS 6205 preamp tube to capture the sound of vintage amp tremolo. The pedal features controls for level, intensity and speed, as well as three oscillator wave shapes, while a dedicated tap tempo footswitch makes for easy on-the-fly tempo changes and subdivisions.
Johnny Smith is remembered affectionately by many jazz listeners for his huge hit 'Moonlight in Vermont' in 1952. Meanwhile, rock guitarists celebrate him as the composer of the Ventures' instrumental hit 'Walk, Don't Run'. Serious jazz guitarists, however, still acknowledge him as the benchmark of musicianship by which all other jazz guitarists are measured. His superior technical virtuosity, quality of tone and musical sophistication remain unrivaled on the plectrum jazz guitar.  

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