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May 7, 2020
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Since the beginning of hip hop and turntablism, the best DJs have been the best crate diggers, people who would spend hours flipping thru old vinyl, unknown titles, rare cuts, and sometimes seriously out-of-fashion, embarrassing old records for those brief moments of music that when looped, could be spun into modern magic.

At the same time, hip hop sampling has also been a minefield for copyright law, so much that modern DJs shy away from sampling lest they spend months and or years seeking clearing rights.

Artist and computer scientist Brian Foo knows where there are plenty of crates that have yet to be dug: the Library of Congress. Already the author of several projects that turn data into music, Foo received a grant from the Library this year to do something amazing with their collection and offer it to the public.

Citizen DJ is the result and currently you can play around with the beta version.

Sound sources come from the Library's many collections: Edison sound recordings, Variety Stage recordings, Joe Smith's interviews with early 20th century celebrities, a collection of American dialect recordings, government information films, and their more modern free music archives.
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This particular Cloud model features Prince's trademark love symbols on the neck and gold hardware. Though not in ideal condition this guitar is one of only a handful of original, stage-used Cloud guitars in existence. It comes in a Calzone purple case, and is packaged with a printout from Paisley Park of the list of Cloud guitars made for Prince with their corresponding serial numbers. This guitar is the first one on the printout, with a "#1" indicated next to it.
Roberto Franceschini built this drool-worthy bass. Its ash body, flamed maple neck, and ziricote fretboard lay bare the elegant simplicity of the classic. It sports a Gotoh bridge, Schaller DaVinci tuners, and a Seymour Duncan Antiquity II pickup.  
Tone Note Music Method  
for Guitar or Bass 

Tone Note Music Method for Guitar is the prequel to Guitar EncycloMedia.It is written for the guitarist who has been playing for a little while, but is confused by traditional guitar methods. Tone Note Music Method for Guitar provides the perfect solution to this problem by presenting music in a way that is simple and clear, easily applied, and does not require the reading of staff notes or TAB. Tone Note Music Method for Guitar cleans the slate so you can discover what you need to know, when you need to know it!      
Tone Note Music Method for Bass  
is 3 books in one volume. A Method Book contains the core material. The Rhythm Book presents the rhythms of the method book in a progressive manner. The Song Book shows the melody and harmony of 34 songs. Tone Note Music Method for Bass presents it's material in a gradual connect-the-dots fashion. This allows a more realistic learning pace and gives the time needed to develop technique. Also included is a FREE online 12 Tone Music Player that allows you to play-along.

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In the 60s and 70s, rock and folk bands introduced early European music to the masses, with Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque strains running through the songs of Simon and Garfunkel, Peter, Paul, and Mary, Fairport Convention, and even Led Zeppelin. Now, hear Classic Rock Songs Played on a Baroque Lute.
50 Simple Amazing Bass Lines

Enjoy these 50 Simple Bass Lines. Can you deside which one is your favorite? Can you play each of them? These bass lines are inspired by 100 Amazing Bass Lines but the author wanted to play the most simple lines. The choice was his alone.

Combos, by their very nature, are a compromise. Attempting to solve size and portability issues, providing enough powe  in tandem with cabinet size and dimensions, and adding as many useful features into the space available is a huge challenge. Both combos offer five-year warranties and are keenly priced based on what they offer. I can see the Studio 8 appealing to many home players who need a practical, portable amp while the Studio 15 is an all-in-one gigging solution.

Since her childhood in Nagasaki, Japan, Kanahi Yamashita was a member of the amazing Yamashita Family Quintet. She is an amazing young player with an outstanding combination of musicality and technique. Her balanced approach here is patient until she pulls off some outrageously smooth, fast, yet still musical variations. I have no words to describe her musicality and virtuosity.
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