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November 9, 2017
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This comic lays out 2000 years of musical history. Again and again there have been attempts to police music; to restrict borrowing and cultural cross-fertilization. But music builds on itself.

To those who think that mash-ups and sampling started with YouTube or the DJ's turntables, it might be shocking to find that musicians have been borrowing - extensively borrowing - from each other since music began. Then why try to stop that process?

The reasons varied. Philosophy, religion, politics, race - again and again, race - and law. And because music affects us so deeply, those struggles were passionate ones. They still are.

The history in this book runs from Plato to Blurred Lines and beyond. You will read about the Holy Roman Empire's attempts to standardize religious music using the first great musical technology (notation) and the inevitable backfire of that attempt. You will read about troubadours and church composers. You will see diatribes against jazz for corrupting musical culture, against rock and roll for breaching the color-line.

To understand this history fully, one has to roam wider still - into musical technologies from notation to the sample deck, aesthetics, the incentive systems that got musicians paid, and law's 250 year struggle to assimilate music, without destroying it in the process.
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A while ago, a U.K. based website for guitar took a look at some of the lesser known facts about the Gibson SG, one of rock's most iconic guitars. Here's one of their findings: Did you know that the most valuable guitar in the world is actually an SG? Discover more about this, and other interesting facts about the legendary SG in this video.
When Leo Fender invented the electric bass guitar in 1951, he ended up shaping the future sound and feel of pop, rock and roll, R&B, soul, reggae, funk, country - and everything in between. Within a few years, bass lines began migrating up from the bottom ("felt but not heard") to the top, where they not only supported the rhythm and harmony but also offered exciting melodic counterpoints. But by the 1980s, pop music's love affair with bass had reached a significant peak, with both live and synthesized bass parts filling FM radio with lots of great low-end ear candy.

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One particularly informative part of a recent Paul Gilbert interview was when he discussed how teaching has led him to reevaluate his approach to the instrument. "Teaching is helpful because I get to see the inherent problems of the instrument. It's made me appreciate things that I'm able to do and not care so much about some of the things that have made me popular. The fast picking thing is not that useful, but holding a bend, adding vibrato and being in tune is. 
If you ever wanted to get started on learning how to use substitutions to reharmonize and enliven a tired old harmony progress. Then this lesson by youtube online music educator Adam Neely will be right up your alley ~ enJoy!
Fender Super Sonic 22 1X12 Combo Amp

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Congratulations are in order for singer, songwriter and guitarist Kelley Deal, who was just announced as the winner of the Q Gibson Les Paul Award at the 2017 Q Awards.
From her work with the Breeders and beyond, Deal has created powerful, inspiring rock music and served as a positive influence for young women looking to get into the music field. We caught up with Deal to find out what it means to her to be honored with the Q Gibson Les Paul Award. 

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