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October 18, 2018
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Browse through an archive of jazz writing from the last, oh, hundred years, and you'll get the distinct impression that jazz, like the NFL, has been a man's-man's-man's-man's world. "Of course," writes Margaret Howze at NPR, "we have Billie, Ella, and Sarah," and many other powerhouse female vocalists everyone knows and loves. These unforgettable voices seem to stand out as exceptions, and what's more, "when we think of women in jazz, we automatically think of singers," not instrumentalists.

Part of the marginalization of women in jazz has to do with the same kinds of cultural blind spots we find in discussions on every subject. We've been as guilty here as anyone of neglecting many great women in jazz, sadly. But women in jazz have also historically faced similar social barriers and stigmas as other women in all the arts. There are more than enough female vocalists, pianists, guitarists, trumpeters, drummers, saxophonists, bandleaders, teachers, producers to form a "worthy pantheon," yet until fairly recently, a great many women jazz musicians have worked in the shadows of more famous men.

Howze's two-part sketch of women in jazz offers a succinct chronological introduction, noting that "the piano, one of the earliest instruments that women played in jazz, allowed female artists" in the 20s and 30s "a degree of social acceptance." In those years, "female instrumentalists usually formed all-women jazz bands or played in family-based groups." One early standout musician, Dolly Hutchinson, née Jones, played the trumpet and cornet in bands all over the country. Hutchinson doesn't appear in the Women of Jazz playlist below, but you can see her at the top in a clip from Oscar Michaux's 1938 film Swing!
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During the coldwar, anything to do with Western pop culture was strictly forbidden in the U.S.S.R. That included rock and roll music and the equipment required to make it. The only way for would-be Soviet rockers to get a well-made electric guitar was through the black market. Unfortunately, the cost of an American, European or even Japanese model was equal to about six months' rent, payable in cash. As a result, aspiring musicians were left with the only other option: a much cheaper Soviet-made guitar, such as the Formanta Solo Two 

With the BTB 1826 Premium, Ibanez has once again successfully created an instrument that meets all our basic needs, while encouraging us to continue pushing the boundaries of our instrument. Since it'd be impossible to go over every detail of this feature-packed instrument, I'll highlight my experience with it via four essential aspects.
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Music in general should not be a competition but this guy really smokes 99.9% of the guitar players living on this planet, all styles combined. The complexity of his playing is a great source for endless hours of analysis. Of course, like most true geniuses, he is almost unknown to the public. There are only a handful of guys capable of playing at this level, period. 
10 Types of Guitar Teachers

"The Noisemaker," "the Rage Quit," "the Nice Guy"... we've all had our share of interesting guitar teachers over the years. Here, musician Nik Nocturnal runs through the most notorious teacher archetypes. Not all guitar teachers are like this, Nocturnal, a guitar teacher himself, clarifies at the end. But I'm sure as guitarists we've all encountered one that is one of these styles.s.
Of all the classic amps Fender has logged over the years, the Vibrolux Reverb is frequently cited as the best all-round, grab-and-go gigging combo. It's an archetypal blackface model with the most desirable features and tone of '60s-era amps. It also brings together a whole bundle of specs that make it perfect for just about any gig or studio date that requires such timeless attributes.

Known as a key architect of the Chicago 'West Side Sound' Rush exemplified the modernized minor key urban blues style with his slashing, amplified jazz-influenced guitar playing, high-strained passionate vocals and backing by a full horn section. Rush's first recording in 1956 on Cobra Records 'I Can't Quit You Baby' reached #6 on the Billboard R&B Charts and catapulted him to international acclaim. He went on to record a catalog of music that contains many songs that are now considered blues classics.

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