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 October 22, 2020
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What is the musical instrument most thoroughly of the 1980s?

Many would say the "keytar," a class of synthesizer keyboards shaped and worn like a guitar.

Their relatively light weights and affordable prices, even when first brought to market, put keytars within the reach of musicians who wanted to possess both the wide sonic palette of digital synthesis and the inherent cool of the guitarist.

This arrangement wasn't without its compromises: few keytar players enjoyed the full range of that sonic palette, to say nothing of that cool.

But in 1985, a new hope appeared for the synthesizer-envying guitarist and guitar-envying synthesist alike: the SynthAxe.
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Noted for their power and immediate, responsive voice, Preston Thompson Guitars pay tribute to the best American made instruments from the 1930's. Master guitar luthier Preston Thompson and his small team of highly skilled craftsman produce custom acoustic guitars that have the look, playing feel and above all, the sound of the best instruments from that original Golden Era of guitar making.   
This bass has a walnut and alder body with a master grade buckeye burl top. Built with neck-through construction, the seven-piece neck is crafted with padouk, maple, and wenge with a Macassar ebony fingerboard. The bass has three custom Dolezal pickups under padouk covers that are matched to a Bartolini NTMB preamp.
Acoustic-electric ukuleles that look like little guitars are going to draw some people and push away some others, but for under $200, the Fullerton Tele Uke delivers a solid and very usable sound for live use and a pleasantly decent acoustic sound. Say what you will about these guitar-based ukes, but they all circle back to the idea of fun. Even when we're serious about making music, fun is an important part of playing, and the Fullerton Tele Uke is fun.

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Watch Joe Bonamassa play the hook of Jeff Beck's "Let Me Love You." 

Ulf Wakenius is a tremendous player who spent 10 years with the Oscar Peterson Quartet. Filling the shoes of some of the biggest names in jazz guitar history, Kessel, Ellis, Pass. Ulf has taken what he learned from Oscar's playing and transcribed it into usable guitar licks and phrases. This book has some of the most interesting guitar lines. Fortunately, it comes with an audio download of the examples as some are very fast. But his instruction is well thought out and easy to understand how to play it, and in what context. There's something for every style of player here, not just jazz. A great opportunity to increase your guitar vocabulary.
The vinyl engine delivers up chorus and vibrato effects flavored with colorful filters, noise generators and unique waveforms to add the perfect vintage, lo-fi textures to your sound. Add to this, the flexibility of tap tempo, an assignable expression input with CV capabilities, momentary speed ramping and skip functions, manual mode for doubling effects, level and blend controls and you're left with quite possibly the ultimate vinyl emulator with a 1/4" jack.
Born Eddy Harrington in 1935, Clearwater has been exciting blues audiences worldwide for decades. His albums on Rooster Blues, Delmark, Evidence, Blind Pig, several European labels, and Bullseye Blues and Jazz have sold respectably. After building strong followings in the Chicago urban and suburban area and overseas (where many American blues musicians find greater acceptance and success), Clearwater established himself as a world-class blues guitarist in his own homeland.

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