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October 25, 2018
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For all of the justified ire directed at certain online retailers for their anti-competitive practices, tax evasion, labor exploitation, and so on, one fact often goes unremarked upon since it seems to fall outside the usual narratives.

The explosion of online retail gave purchasing power to people locked out of certain markets because of income or geography or disability, etc.

Moreover, it gave people outside of traditional market demographics the opportunity to experiment with new interests in judgment-free zones.

These changes have allowed a generation of musicians access to instruments they would never have been willing or able to find in the past.

The ability to buy gear online without a hassle may be one significant reason why so many more women have taken up the instrument.

Which brings us to Sears...
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Gibson has named former Levi Strauss & Co president James "JC" Curleigh as its new president and CEO. As a business leader and a brand builder, this is the beginning of a new era for Gibson that will build on its proven heritage and iconic status. We are focusing on the future and off to a fresh start, with a strong financial foundation, a committed and experienced new leadership team and new ownership that is equally passionate about the brand.

In a new interview with Bass Guitar Magazine's Joel McIver, bass legend Stanley Clarke revealed he's working with Fender on a new four-string bass based on the Stratocaster guitar. The bass was designed with Clarke's longtime collaborator Thomas Lieber, who builds his Spellbinder instruments. As it takes its cues from the Strat, they took it to Fender. Clarke is well known for playing his Alembic basses, and that's something that's not changing, he says... 

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Dramatically improve your playing by easily learning all the chords, scales, arpeggios and modes necessary to improvise something uniquely different every time with every song. With over 323 pages, Guitar EncycloMedia and Bass EncycloMedia offer total fretboard knowledge in one book. They are as essential as your instrument!   

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A VOVOX sound experiment in the Swiss Alps with a very long guitar cable, 1,955.3806 feet - 596 meters!   
Phillip McKnight-whose gear-centric videos we've featured on this here website many a time-recently released a new one that offers a quick and easy fix if your nut slot is cut too deep or shallow. As it turns out, with just a few easily obtainable tools, you can save yourself some time and money, and fix this issue yourself!

The endorsement guitar, or "signature model," was nothing new when this stylish creation debuted in 1963. However, the Mosrite Ventures model took the concept several steps further, to the point where it was difficult to discern which came first: the endorsement or the guitar..
Alice Stuart isthe only female guitarist to be a member of the Mothers of Invention. How cool is that? She was badass before badass was a word. Stuart met Frank Zappa in 1964 and played acoustic guitar with an early version of the Mothers. She left shortly after, before the group recorded its debut album, Freak Out!, to pursue her love of electric blues.
There were few female guitar role models in the mid-'60s, when Stuart's career took off, and like all the trailblazers I've interviewed, she is completely self-created. What's even cooler is she's still out there playing. Make sure to catch her when you can. You can find her schedule and learn more about her at alicestuart.com.

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